Taste the Blood of Dracula

I went over to the coffee shop before I headed to work.  I took a nap after I returned home and took a walk out to Dollar Tree to buy a few items I needed, like dishwashing soap.  At the record store, I bought a used Star Wars video game.  I didn’t see too many kids out trick-or-treating.  I saw a little bit of The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour before watching “Taste the Blood of Dracula.”  I used to waste hours of my childhood watching movies like this on television.  The most notable person in the cast was Christopher Lee, who was playing Dracula in too many movies in 1970.  He is the reason to watch this movie at all.  It has brief nudity in it and scenes with blood, although they are awfully tame compared to what we see in the movies today.  The men who get involved in this Dracula story are foolish.  They were grown men and shouldn’t have even thought about a blood-drinking ritual like this.  Christopher Lee appeared in too many of these movies, but I’ll have to see that he is well-suited for the role of Dracula.  Lee must have been about 48 at the time of this movie.  Roy Kinnear is a familiar because in the cast because he was in movies like “Help!”  The special effects aren’t too scary when you’re not convinced that the blood is real.  It seems to be a difficult thing for low-budget moviemakers to get blood of the right color onto the screen.  Linda Hayden was the blonde daughter who is in danger.  I didn’t know why Dracula didn’t bite her on the neck.  In any horror movie, you can count on the characters behaving in ways that make no sense at all.  I would say that the one frightening moment in the movie was the father getting ready to drive a stake through his daughter’s heart.  Linda Hayden looked like she might be headed for some larger fame outside of this film, but apparently it didn’t happen.  In the final scene, we see Dracula throwing things, although it doesn’t look threatening.  I thought he was supposed to have more strength than he showed.  Perhaps Dracula should have been more athletic.  The fate that he meets this time reminded me of Kevin McCarthy in a Twilight Zone episode.  According to some people, the original plan was to have Vincent Price star in this picture, but he would have cost too much.  In a low budget horror film, you can imagine how sequences will be shot.  First you see the stake just above the heart, and then there is the cut to the reluctant man holding the stake and getting ready to strike but hesitating, and then you see the eyes open suddenly.  Well, some of these movies were fun because they didn’t have the gore and were kind of foolish.  I can’t stand movies that take themselves too seriously.  Watching this one made me wonder what “The Love Witch” will be like.  “Taste the Blood of Dracula” is going to replace “Psycho” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or “The Shining” on the list of Halloween movies to see, but it did bring back a time of pleasant memories.  I was glad that there wasn’t a World Series game on television.  I watched Roy Clark on the Johnny Cash program before I went to sleep.  I heard that Donald Trump was gaining in the election polls.  Some of the people who died on November 1 include King Vidor (1982), Phil Silvers (1985), Noah Beery, Jr. (1994), Walter Payton (1999), and William Styron (2006).  Today is a birthday for Coco Crisp (37), Fernando Valenzuela (56), and David Foster (67).

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