Washington 66, California 27

I remembered that they were giving away a bobblehead at the California football game, so I went past the record stores and went to Yogurt Park before heading for the stadium.  A small cup that cost four dollars was a pretty good value.  I saw a pretty long line waiting for me more than half an hour before they opened the gates.  Some people were giving away some coffee, but I didn’t take one.  I watched the football team get off their bus.  They were dressed in suits and ties.  I did get my bobblehead, which had Marshawn Lynch on a cart.  I skipped the hamburger and just took my seat, checking my phone and just waiting.  The kickoff was at 7:30.  I never got the score between Notre Dame and Navy.  California received the opening kickoff, but the scoring didn’t happen immediately.  They did score the first three points of the game, which turned out to be the highlight of the night for them.  Washington would score on long passes which had California’s defenders unable to make tackles.  The Huskies went ahead 7-3, but the Bears cut the lead to 7-6.  Washington scored two more touchdowns before California came back to make it 21-13 at the end of the quarter.  Things weren’t looking too good for the home team after just one quarter with the way their defense wasn’t able to stop the scoring.  California had one last look at the game when they got to within 21-10, but the touchdowns kept coming for Washington.  When you give up 35 points in one half, you certainly can’t expect to win.  I thought the kids who were in the bear growl contest were terrible because they just shouted the word “roar” instead of doing a real growl.  During halftime, the California marching band played tribute to some pop stars who died during 2016, including Maurice White, David Bowie, and Prince.  They played “Boogie Wonderland,” “Let’s Dance,” and “1999.”  The night was getting colder, and it was getting difficult to sit there and watch a bad game getting worse.  In the second half, quarterback Davis Webb would throw three interceptions.  One of them came after the Bears had recovered a fumble, when the score still could have been interesting.  Oski walked past my section, and he touched fists with me.  He got excited after a pass play, and I caught him with my camera as he cheered.  Anyhow, the third quarter was a horrendous one for California, as Washington scored all the points, 21 of them.  They were finally slowed down on one drive for a field goal at the beginning of the fourth quarter.  That was 38 unanswered points for Washington, making the score 59-20.  In the last minutes, the teams exchanged touchdowns for a final score of 66-27.  It was an obvious case of a superior team coming into a stadium and displaying that superiority.  I headed home and listened to a bit of the postgame radio show on 810 AM.

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