Latavius Murray’s Three Touchdown Runs

The end of Daylight Saving Time helped me out a little.  I watched CBS Sunday Morning because I wanted to see the segment about Paul Simon.  I talked with my parents on the phone, and my mother told me that she was surprised that the Cubs came back to win three straight games to win the World Series.  I went out to buy some groceries, and I returned home to watch some of the game between the Steelers and the Ravens.  I went over to Daiso to buy two magazine holders.  I fell asleep during the 49ers and Saints game, but when it looked like the Saints were going to win, I headed over to the BART station to take the train to the Coliseum.  I saw a plane flying around the stadium with the message “HEY LAS VEGAS.  IF YOU BUILD IT WE WON’T COME!!!”  These symbolic gestures are fine, but the Raiders want money.  I took my seat early and watched highlights on the big screen.  The Rams ran out of time against the Panthers, and the Chargers were able to win.  A woman sitting in the row in front of me looked ill.  We saw a huge American flag covering the field during the national anthem, and there was a helicopter flyover.  The former player who lit the torch was Otis Sistrunk, although we also saw Lester Hayes on the sidelines.  In the first quarter, the Broncos were unable to get a first down, but the Raiders mustered only two field goals.  Latavius Murray scored a touchdown in the first minute of the second quarter to make the score 13-0.  A 36-yard pass gave the Broncos their first points of the game.  Murray would have another short touchdown run with only 1:25, but the Broncos were able to make use of the remaining time to get into position for a 55-yard field goal try with two seconds left.  It was successful, and so the score was 20-10 at halftime.  Andre Holmes made an impressive catch that was worthy of the highlight reel, although Derek Carr was not going to pass for 500 During the halftime break, an Air Force rock band called Mobility played songs like “We’re an American Band,” “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.,” and “American Girl.”  In the third quarter, neither team scored, which seemed like good news for the Raiders, who had given up a lot of points all season.  The Broncos were in position to try a field goal to open the fourth quarter, and they did make the score 20-13.  The Raiders scored another three points with 8:19 left in the game.  A big play by Khalil Mack gave the Raiders the ball back with a good chance to put the game out of reach.  The crowd wanted the team to continue running the ball, but Derek Carr tried a pass to the right side that was initially ruled an interception, but the call was overturned upon a review.  That was close.  On this day, a lot of pass interference calls went the Raiders’ way.  Eventually, Murray ran the ball again for his third touchdown of the game, giving the Raiders an apparently comfortable 30-13 lead with 6:09 left in the game.  However, it took the Broncos only 51 seconds to score another touchdown on a 69-yard pass play in which the receiver eluded almost everyone playing defense.  The Raiders did manage to run some time off the clock and force the Broncos to use up their time outs before punting away.  The Broncos were unable to move the ball with this last chance, and an interception sealed their fate.  It was a 30-20 victory for the home team.  The Raiders had 218 rushing yards in this game with Murray gaining 114.  We don’t have another home game at the Coliseum until the 27th.  I headed for BART to get home as quickly as I could.  I bought a hazelnut yogurt before I arrived home.  I was a bit displeased that I had missed the Columbo episode for the night.  I heard the news about Hillary Clinton and the F.B.I.  In the morning, I heard the news about the death of Janet Reno.  Some of the people who died on November 7 include Eleanor Roosevelt (1962), Steve McQueen (1980), Slappy White (1995), and Joe Frazier (2011).  Today is a birthday for Christopher Knight (59) and Joni Mitchell (73).

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