Tim’s Vermeer

People in California were upset over Trump’s election, and they were talking about it all day.  The voters here did their part, but voters in other states didn’t.  The electoral vote system does seem like it should be scrapped.  I thought about people who use the word “like” too much, and I was told it comes out of being at a certain age at a certain time, such as being of middle school age during the late 1990s.  I stopped at my burger place after I got off work and watched part of the Warriors game on their television.  Someone walked in carrying a sign that said “NOT MY PRESIDENT.”  I went on home and avoided election news, as I watched the Blu-ray disc of “Tim’s Vermeer.”  The director was Teller, and one of the producers was Penn Jillette.  It was about a man named Tim Jenison and his effort to test a theory that Johannes Vermeer could have used lenses to help produce his paintings.  It was certainly very interesting, and it made me appreciate Vermeer’s ability whether or not he used technology.  I wouldn’t say that Vermeer has been reduced to a paint by numbers hack through the technique he may have used.  Tim goes throught the minute details, and I’m impressed with the things he said.  In the back of your mind, you may think that because Penn and Jillette are involved in this film, it isn’t genuine.  I would say that Tim went too far with some things, like making his own lens and constructing a chair just to make his painting.  I also think that what he produced was really not anything like a real Vermeer painting.  The process reminded me of the complaints that Neil Young had about digital music.  The film didn’t convince that Vermeer used a lens and a mirror.  If he did, then he went beyond the help these devices would have given him.  Martin Mull shows up at one point.  I’m not sure that I would be inclined to accept his opinion.  The movie made me believe that creating great art is not easy, and not everybody can do it.  “Tim’s Vermeer” was a movie that made me think for a long time.  It’s too bad that we have to speculate on what Vermeer actually did.  I don’t think that any of my friends could paint like Vermeer.  They also can’t sing like Caruso or write like Shakespeare no matter what kind of technological help they can get.  I would like to talk with the principals of this movie and get an idea of how they think.  It feels that there is a lot missing from this movie.  Apparently, there were many hours of unused footage.  I think that spending a long time watching a painter paint can’t be too thrilling, and there has to be some entertainment value here.  I would have been happy if I had the talent to paint even a bad fake Vermeer.  The movie made me feel deeply tired.  I lay in bed and tried to get to sleep, but there was too much on my mind from work.  Some of the people who died on November 10 include Arthur Rimbaud (1891), Abel Gance (1981), Chuck Connors (1992), Carmen McRae (1994), Ken Kesey (2001), Jack Palance (2006), Laraine Day (2007), Norman Mailer (2007), Dino De Laurentiis (2010), and Allen Toussaint (2015).  Today is a birthday for Sinbad (60).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for November 10, the Moody Blues album “Days of Future Passed,” featuring “Nights in White Satin,” was released in the UK in 1967.  In 1990, the Vanilla Ice album “To the Extreme” was Number One on the Billboard chart.

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