The Invisible Woman

I gave an exam to one of my classes, and that was the last thing I did before the holiday.  I heard about the death of Leonard Cohen.  I became aware of him through the album “Death of a Ladies Man.”  I went home to watch the Blu-ray disc of “The Invisible Woman.”  The title might suggest some horror movie from the 1950s that you would see during Svengoolie Night, but it actually revolves around Charles Dickens.  Ralph Fiennes plays Dickens, and he does seem to look the part.  He is also the director, and when the lead actor is also the director and not named Orson Welles, there usually are problems with the film.  I thought this movie was not as interesting as it should have been.  The scenes were quiet and tiring to watch.  I didn’t care for the handheld camera.  Some shots made me think of Thomas Hardy and the movies made from his novels.  Felicity Jones is Nelly.  I couldn’t see what the attraction for her was based on what was in the story.  I got tired at the attempts at subtlety.  I really wanted some more life and humor.  I didn’t want to watch this blonde getting upset and crying.  My suggestion to Ralph Fiennes as a director in the future is to pick up the pace.  Think about the poor audience out there.  One of the few interesting events in the movie is a trainwreck, which made me wince a bit as I thought of the symbolism.  It’s nearly impossible to make a good film about a writer.  Some of the people who died on November 11 include Jerome Kern (1945), Berry Oakley (1972), Dimitri Tiomkin (1979), and Delbert Mann (2007).  Today is a birthday for Leonardo DiCaprio (42), Calista Flockhart (52), Demi Moore (54), and Stanley Tucci (56).

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