Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The rain continued to fall.  I watched CBS Sunday Morning and saw a segment on Christie Brinkley.  I went out to the coffee shop.  There was a mini-marathon with runners struggling in the rain, so some streets in town were closed.  To get to the Grand Lake Theatre, I took BART part of the way.  I got to the theatre about forty minutes before showtime, but I wanted to go right in because of the rain.  I fell asleep in my seat and awoke to a crowded theatre.  The movie was “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”  The movie seemed to attract a diverse audience.  I saw older people and kids.  I got sick of J.K. Rowling years ago, around the time of the third or fourth book, so I wasn’t so enthusiastic about all of this.  I wasn’t fascinated with the magic or the beasts or the romance.  Eddie Redmayne fit right into the Rowling world, although he reminded me of Crispin Glover.  Colin Farrell goes from a movie like “The Lobster” to this one, but he didn’t convince me that he was at the center of things in New York in the 1920s.  I wouldn’t tell Donald Trump to deport him, however.  He was big and unbelievable, something like what Jack Nicholson is at times.  I learned that American have a different word for Muggles.  I didn’t care about that detail.  There were good cast members like Samantha Morton, and there is something revealed at the end about Farrell’s character.  I thought the creatures were amazingly annoying.  I didn’t understand why the wizards didn’t use magic at times.  We see a character trying to get a bank loan for a bakery, and he gets involved.  The love story aspect of a movie is always weak when two people merely look at each other and instantly fall in love.  There is a touch of “Heaven Can Wait” in this story.  The images we see a lot in this movie are crumbling buildings with a lot of bricks falling.  There is a somewhat chilling feeling seeing this destruction, although there is the magic to fix things.  I thought it was rather funny that I was watching this movie on a rainy day.  I kept wondering how much was spent on the making of this movie, because it looked expensive.  Even the dock looked like it cost a lot.  I thought this movie had a couple of things in common with the Hobbit movies.  There were those flying creatures all about, and it took forever for the movie to come to an end.  I felt like screaming at the screen for everything to simply wrap up.  Just say goodbye and leave, why don’t you.  I didn’t feel sentimental about any of these characters after two hours, anyway.  Quite a few people in the audience liked the movie, as they applauded when it was all over.  On the other hand, I was lukewarm about the whole thing.  I’m not too excited at J.K. Rowling’s characters, and I don’t have any confidence in her plots after the Harry Potter ending.  This is the first of more movies to come.  At least we don’t have to see the Harry Potter actors as adults.  I found myself rooting against the movie the way I usually root against the Dallas Cowboys.  J.K. Rowling is rich enough as it is, and she is poisoning the minds of millions.  She is threatening to become the George Lucas of wizardry.  I think that fights with wands as weapons are ridiculous.  The sun was out when I felt the theatre, and I got back home in time to catch the game with the Patriots and the 49ers.  I didn’t think the 49ers would keep up with the Patriots in the fourth quarter.  I listened to the Robert Hilburn Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program on KCSN.  He played tracks by Jack White, Ryan Adams, and Jason Isbell.  I went quickly to the grocery store because I didn’t want to just eat yogurt before I went to bed.  The Columbo episode on Me TV was “A Case of Immunity.”  The murderer was very sloppy with eyeglasses and bundles of cash.  I heard more news about Kanye West and flashed back to the days of Sly Stone.  I don’t know why he would say that he would have voted for Trump.  I have to wonder if any of his fans are going stick with him.  One of the other television channels was showing a marathon of “The Saint,” but I watched for only a few minutes.  Roger Moore was a good spy, but he hung around for two too many Bond films.  Over the weekend I noticed a car commercial that uses the Schoolhouse Rock song “My Hero Zero.”  It wasn’t a good day for former Cal quarterbacks, as both the Rams and the Packers lost their games.  The placekickers had a bad day, too, as twelve point after touchdown kicks were missed.  I awoke to see Elizabeth Wenger on KPIX doing the weather report in place of Roberta Gonzales.  I wonder if Trump and Pence are going to be booed mercilessly wherever they go.  I don’t really care what the Hamilton thinks, though, and I wouldn’t want to hear a lecture from either them or Kanye West.  Some of the people who died on November 21 include Henry Purcell (1695), Robert Benchley (1945), Bill Bixby (1993), and Anne McCaffrey (2011).  Today is a birthday for Bjork (51), Nicollette Sheridan (53), Goldie Hawn (71), and Marlo Thomas (79).

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