I looked around for places that were open on a holiday, and so I went to Top Dog and bought a bratwurst.  I saw the end of the game between the Lions and the Vikings, and then I went over to the theatre to see “Moana.”  There wasn’t a huge number of people out seeing a movie on Thanksgiving.  I was out because I didn’t want to think about how few friends I have.  First we saw a short film called “Inner Workings,” which was likable enough, although it reminded me a lot of “Inside Out.”  The main feature was agreeable enough, although the story made me think of the lost chance with the recent election.  I would say that it was also predictable because a Disney feature would not show the end of the world.  Moana was a young woman from a different world of the world than the characters in “Frozen,” which was a nice change of pace.  I didn’t come away singing many of the tunes.  There was some beautiful animation with images of the sea, although a bit of it reminded me of “Terminator 2.”  Actually, one other movie that I did think of during Moana’s quest on the sea was “Life of Pi.”  The girl who plays Moana can sing well and did a pretty good job, especially when I think back on some of the girls who did the voice of Lucy in the Peanuts features over the years.  Dwayne Johnson was Maui, and I would say that he fit his role.  He wasn’t perfect with his singing, but he was better than Richard Gere was in “Chicago.”  One of the obstacles is a ship of creatures who are something like the Minions.  How many elements from other successful movies were in this movie?  Maui was the sort of goofy character that Robin Williams did in “Aladdin.”  I liked this picture more than either “Pocahontas” or “Brave.”  I don’t expect fully satisfying movies to come from Disney, but this one pleased the audience, and it was good to spend a couple of hours not thinking about the Trump era.  There was a reference to “The Little Mermaid” at the end.  If I had a choice between seeing “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” or “Moana” a second time, I would choose “Moana.”  One of the trailers we saw before the movie was “The Lego Batman movie,” which looked like it might be good.  I strolled through the lobby out to the bus stop, and four o’clock felt pretty late.  I waited for a long time for the bus to Emeryville, but I did get to the long line outside Best Buy before five o’clock.  I wasn’t there to buy a new television set.  I bought a 256 GB USB flash drive, a phone, a Bruce Springsteen CD, and various Blu-ray discs, like “Brooklyn” and “The Peanuts Movie.”  I walked over to Target and bought more stuff, a Star Wars comforter, along with two light sabers, and a pair of jeans.  I was satisfied with my purchases and took the bus home.  Some of the people who died on November 25 include Upton Sinclair (1968), Yukio Mishima (1970), Laurence Harvey (1973), Nick Drake (1974), Jack Albertson (1981), Anthony Burgess (1993), Flip Wilson (1998), and Karel Reisz (2002).  Today is a birthday for Nick Swisher (36), Christina Applegate (45), and Amy Grant (56).

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