Manchester by the Sea

The morning news still had reports about the death of Florence Henderson.  We were talking about her on a Friday, the same day that her television show was on the air for those years.  I took a walk out into the cold morning and then took the bus out to the Barnes and Noble in Emeryville.  The Criterion Collection sale was coming to an end.  I would have like to buy a copy of either “The Red Shoes” or “The Makioka Sisters,” but I went with “The Hidden Fortress.”  I took the bus out to Albany to see “Manchester by the Sea.”  It had Casey Affleck as a man having to deal with his brother’s death and the situation of his nephew in the aftermath.  The movie goes over the details you don’t see about death in many movies, namely the tangled financial situation.  In this case, there is a boat to maintain.  It made me think about what would happen if I should die in this apartment.  There were humorous moments in the movie, and I even thought of Juzo Itami’s “The Funeral” afterwards.  I don’t think I could handle a teenager suddenly thrown into my life.  The kid in this story had too much of a mouth, and I wouldn’t have trusted him with anything.  I could see moving away from your past and not wanting to return.  Affleck and Michelle Williams have one of those painful scenes.  I don’t think I could forgive the people in my past.  One of the stars in the cast makes a rather surprising appearance towards the end as a religious zealot who brought to my mind “Fanny and Alexander.”  It all goes to show that you can have complaints about your relatives, but then there are worse people to deal with out there.  There is a lot of Affleck not wanting to talk and go through social conventions.  The ending is perhaps a bit too neat.  I thought the solution would have been to sell everything, meaning the house and the boat.  This movie makes you feel that you’ve witnessed a lot.  It has real emotion in it.  It was a good movie that is going to be remembered for a long time.  The director was Kenneth Lonergan, known for “You Can Count on Me” and “Margaret.”  I would say that he has been on a creative winning streak.  The audience reaction was strong.  They found the movie very meaningful.  Two of the trailers we saw were for “Jackie” and “La La Land.”  I stopped at Trader Joe’s before going home.  I fixed some food and watched the Partridge Family episode “Nag, Nag, Nag.”  Laurie carried a bag of groceries that looked too light for what was supposed to be in it.  Keith sang the Brahms Lullaby.  Slim Pickens was a good guest star.  I also watched the NUMB3RS episode “And the Winner Is.”  Marilu Henner was in a few scenes.  Larry returned, and he was hungry and an improved chess player.  The Dick Cavett Show featured Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, and Henry Fonda.  I heard about the death of Fidel Castro, who was 90 years old.  Jose Canseco made a brief comment on Twitter.  I thought about how my father is quickly aging.  Some of the people who died on November 26 include Tommy Dorsey (1956), Harry Smith (1991), and Tony Musante (2013).  Today is a birthday for Tina Turner (77).

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