California 36, UCLA 10

I watched CBS This Morning and the chef segment.  Judy Joo’s signature recipes include Grilled hanger steak, Cabbage kimchi (pogi kimchi), Seasoned spinach (shigeumchi namul), Seasoned soybean sprouts (Kong namul), Green tea chiffon cake, and Spiced Kimchi Mary.  Judy said that she looked up to Connie Chung as she was growing up.  I looked up the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend.  The Top 10 songs on November 24, 1973 were “The Love I Lost,” “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” “Paper Roses,” “Just You n’ Me,” “Midnight Train to Georgia,” “Heartbeat – It’s a Lovebeat,” “Space Race,” “Top of the World,” “Keep On Truckin’,” and “Photograph.”  I had to go to work for five hours.  The rain wasn’t coming down hard, but it was continuous throughout the day.  Even though there was a football game in town, La Burrita wasn’t crowded, and so I bought a California burrito there before I headed for the stadium.  There were plenty of empty seats because fans were not anxious to see two 4-7 teams in the rain.  The California seniors walked out onto the field with their families before the rest of the team came out.  The UCLA marching band played songs like “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”  The UCLA offense did nothing during the first half, as their quarterback made several bad throws.  California scored four field goals in the first half, with one in the first quarter.  A penalty and a bad pitch to the right side stopped them from scoring more points.  During the halftime break, the California marching band played techno songs, and the only one I recognized was Cher’s “Believe.”  The Bruins scored the first seven points of the second half, and the 12-7 score made everyone think of the missed chances the Bears had earlier.  However, the Bears scored two touchdowns to nearly put the game away.  The third quarter ended with the score at 26-10.  The Bruins didn’t have much left.  They looked like a bad football team, as California scored the last ten points of the game in the fourth quarter.  Mistakes like a fumbled kick and an interception killed their chances to come back in the second half.  The season ended on a positive note with this 36-10 win.  California had two bad games at home this season, against Washington and Stanford.  I was eager to get out of the rain.  I went to the record store and bought used CD copies of Queen, Mozart, and Edward Elgar, and a vinyl copy of the Fauré Requiem.  I noticed that one of the television channels was showing a Police Story marathon.  I stayed up to watch an episode with Kurt Russell and Danny Bonaduce.  Some of the people who died on November 27 include Ada Lovelace (1852), Eugene O’Neill (1953), Harvey Milk (1978), Lotte Lenya (1981), Irvin Kershner (2010), and Ken Russell (2011).  Today is a birthday for Caroline Kennedy (59), William Fichtner (60), and Bill Nye (61).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for November 27, the Rolling Stones opened a four-night stand at Madison Square Garden in 1969, with the dates recorded for the album “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out.”  In 1985, Steven Spielberg married Amy Irving.  In 1995, the Beatles’ “Anthology 1” album set a sales record with 1.2 million during its first week of release.

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