Khalil Mack’s Touchdown and Sack

I woke up and watched CBS Sunday Morning.  They talked a lot about the death of Fidel Castro.  I sat in the coffee shop and had hot chocolate.  I went out to the stadium early and sat in my seat watching highlights on the scoreboard.  I was glad that the rain had stopped.  The cheerleaders were wearing jackets rather than their usual outfits.  Tim Brown was on the sidelines before the game, and Monte Johnson lit the torch.  The Raiders started the scoring with a touchdown pass from Derek Carr to Seth Roberts.  When the Panthers got the ball, a penalty helped them out, and they tied the score at 7-7.  That was the way the first quarter ended.  The Raiders had a very good second quarter, as they scored all the points.  Latavius ran the ball four yards for a touchdown, and Sebastian Janikowski kicked a field goal.  With a minute left in the half, Khalil Mack intercepted Cam Newton’s pass and ran it back six yards for a touchdown that was reminiscent of the Super Bowl against Washington.  The score was 24-7 at halftime, and things were looking good for the home team.  During the break, there was a competition between a police team and a firefighter team in which the police did a terrible job.  The problem was that one of the cops was unable to put on a football jersey.  Early in the third quarter, Derek Carr injured his finger on a snap, and Matt McGloin would come into the game briefly.  The Panthers would come back and score all 18 points in the third quarter with a one-yard run, an 88-yard pass, and a three-yard run.  The Panthers had an extra point blocked, and were unsuccessful an two two-point attempts.  Carr made a mistake with an interception.  The Panthers’ momentum continued into the beginning of the fourth quarter when Newton completed a 44-yard pass for a touchdown and a 32-24 lead.  Carr led the team on a big drive and through a touchdown pass to Clive Walford.  They went for two points and tied the score at 32-32.  The highlight of the next key drive was a 49-yard pass to Michael Crabtree which had Crabtree losing his helmet.  The Raiders could have run more time off the clock and forced the Panthers to use their last timeout, but they did get a field goal from Janikowski and take the lead at 35-32 with 1:45 left.  After the kickoff, the Raider defense seemed soft as the Panthers moved across the field.  However, they stopped three plays to get to a key fourth down play.  Mack got to Newton and stripped him of the ball, ending the Panthers’ last chance.  After years of weak teams with bad records, it was something of a shock to see the Raiders at 9-2, guaranteed of a winning record for the season.  The fans were happy in a way they haven’t been since 2002.  Stephen Curry was in attendance but was rooting for the wrong team.  On the BART train a girl kept chanting about the Panthers.  She seemed drunk and oblivious.  I hurried back home and I listened to the Robert Hilburn Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program on KCSN.  He played songs by Bruce Springsteen and Jack White.  I went out to have a hamburger.  The Columbo episode on Me TV was “A Matter of Honor” with Ricardo Montalban.  I fell asleep.  I heard about the death of Ron Glass from “Barney Miller.”  The Chiefs managed a win over the Broncos in overtime.  I watch a little bit of “Get Down Tonight – The Disco Explosion.”  It looked like Frankie Valli had some plastic surgery.  Irene Cara and Yvonne Elliman performed their big hits.  One of the movie channels was showing “In Like Flint.”  “Murphy’s Romance” and “Adventureland” were on other channels.  I kept thinking about how I really didn’t feel like going back to work on a Monday morning.  One of my hangouts, the Café Mediterraneum, is down to its final three days of existence.  Some of the people who died on November 28 include James Naismith (1939), Rosalind Russell (1976), Christopher George (1983), Garry Moore (1993), and Leslie Nielsen (2010).  Today is a birthday for Jon Stewart (54), Judd Nelson (57), Ed Harris (66), and Berry Gordy, Jr. (87).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for November 28, “Meet Me in St. Louis” had its premiere in New York in 1944.  In 1987, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes had the Number One single, “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.”  In 1992, Whitney Houston had the Number One single, “I Will Always Love You.”  In 2010, Leslie Nielsen died in his sleep of pneumonia at age 84 in Florida.

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