Sing Street

I was glad I got a substantial amount of work done during the day.  When I returned home for lunch, I watched “Sing Street.”  I thought it was quite enjoyable, as it brought back memories of 1985 and music videos.  A teenager named Conor in Dublin is seeing his family go through financial difficulties, with his parents’ marriage falling apart.  His new school is turning out to be horrible, but then he catches a glimpse of Raphina, and to win her over he invites her to appear in his band’s music video.  However, he has yet to form that band.  Conor claims that his musical style is futurist, but that hardly seems the case as he borrows heavily from the latest trends.  The young actor who plays Conor is Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, and I thought he was a mixture of McLovin and Peter Brady.  The woman who is Raphina is named Lucy Boynton, and I thought she was something like Rosanna Arquette and Nastassja Kinski.  The older brother in the family was rather like Seth Rogen.  The movie made it seem like being in a rock band was the greatest thing ever, a way of making friends, a refuge from the horror of schools, and a way of impressing girls, gaining self-confidence, and generally becoming a man.  Conor’s singing voice changed impossibly.  In the beginning, he couldn’t really sing “Take on Me” too well, but by the end he was handling all sorts of songs.  I have to have doubts about the musical tastes of anyone who would dance along to Hall and Oates’ “Maneater.”  If this family is so poor, how is it that Conor has all sorts of musical instruments and clothes?  I thought that the first video session was quite funny, and I laughed out loud a few times.  I thought back on how 1985 is now more than thirty years ago.  I also liked the part where everyone takes the trip on the train to get to the beach, with the feeling of togetherness.  This movie made me think of “The Commitments” and a bit of “Rock and Roll High School” at the end.  One thing that was difficult about this movie was merely understanding what people were saying with their accents.  Were they really speaking English?  I thought this was a better film than “Once,” which, thinking back, didn’t make much of an impression on me.  I was glad to see a movie that wasn’t about technology or superheroes for a change.  It was just about people trying to deal with life and their circumstances.  The front cover of the disc case has a quote from Bono praising the movie.  I imagined Bono and the rest of U2 going through experiences like in “Sing Street.”  I think that a lot of people are going to discover this movie in the years to come, and they will feel pretty good about seeing it.  After I was done with work, I watched “Arrow” and then went out for a burger.  On their television set, a Star Trek movie was on, and it was the one with Benedict Cumberbatch.  I listened to some CDs of David Bowie and Queen.  I liked hearing “Soul Love,” “Star,” “Hang On to Yourself,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” again.  I heard that the A’s picked up a new player, Matt Joyce.  I’m not too excited about the idea of putting Brett Eibner in centerfield unless he shows something extraordinary in spring training.  The team is also going to be phased out of revenue sharing.  Some of the people who died on December 1 include G.H. Hardy (1947), James Baldwin (1987), Paul Benedict (2008), Bill McKinney (2011), and Alan Sues (2011).  Today is a birthday for Sarah Silverman (46), Bette Midler (71), and Woody Allen (81).

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