George Washington

I watched CBS Sunday Morning.  I winced when I saw Patti Smith forget the lyrics to “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall.”  I talked with my mother on the phone, but she seemed confused.  I walked out into the cold morning and shopped at Trader Joe’s.  I should have stuck with the regular macaroni and cheese.  I went out to Jack London Square to see “Moana” again.  I enjoyed it.  I became more familiar with the songs, although the predictable aspects of the script were more apparent.  The movie was still Number One at the box office for the weekend, but it felt like the excitement had faded quite a bit in this area.  I liked the look of the boats in the water.  I was hoping that there would not be a sequel, however.  I returned home to watch the end of the 49ers game against the Jets.  I had the feeling that the 49ers would blow the game.  I listened to Robert Hilburn’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program on KCSN.  He played songs by PJ Harvey and Kate Bush.  I liked “Big Exit.”  The Columbo episode was “Old Fashioned Murder.”  I watched the Criterion Collection edition of “George Washington,” which was not about the president, but a group of children in the South.  The central incident is a death that had shades of “River’s Edge.”  One of the special features of the disc was a Clu Gulager film from 1969 called “A Day with the Boys,” which was an influence on “George Washington.”  The children give pretty good performances, although I wouldn’t say that they were perfect.  The death scene made me think how foolish some of these children’s games were, with the roughhousing that can really be dangerous.  One of the girls talks about being in love, although there’s no possible way that it could be true at her age.  This movie seemed to pave the way for the memorable and powerful “Moonlight” that we saw this year.  I was glad that I saw this movie, which made a stronger impression upon me than “St. Elmo’s Fire.”  The director was David Gordon Green.  “The Last Waltz” was on KQED, and I watched the end of it.  Bob Dylan gave a great performance.  The Get TV Late Show was “The Lemon Drop Kid” with Bob Hope.


Some of the people who died on December 12 include Yasujiro Ozu (1963), Jack Cassidy (1976), Anne Baxter (1985), Joseph Heller (1999), George Montgomery (2000), Peter Boyle (2006), and Van Johnson (2008).  Today is a birthday for Jennifer Connelly (46), Sheila E. (59), Cathy Rigby (64), Tom Wilkinson (68), Dionne Warwick (76), Connie Francis (78), and Bob Barker (93).

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