Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I woke up early and in the cold morning headed for the Grand Lake Theatre.  A group of enthusiastic Star Wars fans was there for “Rogue One” at nine o’clock.  A group of young people sat in front of me, and they brought donuts with them.  My first thought was that when the bad guys show up at your farm, you should head straight for your hiding place.  The principal characters reminded me of Ellen Page and Scott Baio.  Why are the women saving the day all the time in the Star Wars movies?  We see a robot with an unusual and humorous personality, and a character who is like Zatoichi.  Some scenes that were heavy with talking wore me down a bit.  I didn’t care about a lot of it.  The plot zeroed in on one of those impossible Star Wars missions, this time to steal the plans for the Death Star.  We get to see Darth Vader in action again, and thankfully it was James Earl Jones and not Hayden Christensen. Jones sounded as if he had aged almost forty years since his first Star Wars movie.  The rebels would have been paralyzed by inaction if it weren’t for the rogue element, or the rebels within the rebels.  We waited for the entire movie for the last sequence.  Some of the images and story are a bit too familiar to us at this point.  Because most of the characters aren’t continuing within the rest of the Star Wars movies, there are many deaths.  Some of the last moments reminded me of “Melancholia.”  At the end, we see a CGI moment with one of the characters, making it clear that we’re up to date with what happened just before Episode 4.  This movie filled in a gap between Episodes 3 and 4.  It seems that we’ll get Episode 8 next, and then get another prequel to Episode 5, and then Episode 9, and then a prequel to Episode 6.  We will then get Episodes 10, 11, and 12, alternating with prequels to episodes 1, 2, and 3, or 7, 8, and 9.  I don’t know how many of these movies I will live to see.  “Rogue One” was better than “The Phantom Menace” and “The Attack of the Clones,” but not as good as “The Force Awakens.”  However, as the credits rolled, I was already thinking about when I would return to see it a second time.  An old man complained to me about how Carrie Fisher got paid a lot of money for barely doing anything.  When you’re a superstar, you can get away with just about anything, as Donald Trump would say.  I was a little bit concerned that we’re getting flooded with too many Star Wars movies, just as what is happening with Spider-Man.  It was good to get excited about a movie which for the most part delivered what the audience wanted.  I also thought about how much I wanted to see the next movie.  It was only 11:30 when I left the theatre and stood in the cold morning to take the bus back home.  The idea I had was that I would hurry off to the California Theatre to catch the 1:00 showing of “La La Land.”  I used to catch two movies in one day like this in my younger days, when I was really crazy and carefree.  After a day of hard rain, it was good to be outside, even if the outside was freezing cold.  Some of the people who died on December 17 include Dana Andrews (1992), Janet Margolin (1993), Jennifer Jones (2009), Captain Beefheart (2010), and Daniel Inouye (2012).  Today is a birthday for Milla Jovovich (41).

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