Mr. Holmes

I was not too pleased about having to go out into a cold morning and facing a meeting at work.  Someone asked me to come up with my list of the Top 10 movies of 2016.  I could think of only eight that I liked.  I went out to the library and watched an episode of The Ascent of Man.  I saw that my copy of “When We’re Singin’,” the book about the Partridge Family, had arrived.  I learned that Dave Madden said that he communicated with Susan Dey regularly through e-mail.  I also saw an error on page xxxiv, where Susan Dey mentioned executives who “use to” stand around in suits.  I watched “Mr. Holmes,” the movie with Ian McKellen and Laura Linney.  I still enjoy seeing old guys like McKellan in the movies.  The time is 1947, and he is a 93-year-old Sherlock Holmes, retired but haunted by an unsolved case.  He does some beekeeping.  The mystery is not quite so intriguing, and we in the audience would rather see the detective at his peak.  Generally I don’t like stories that are told in flashback, and this film didn’t really win me over with so much of it set in the past.  It’s a mystery that doesn’t have that much urgency.  If the facts weren’t clear thirty years ago, then why do they matter now?  There is a little kid named Roger around.  There are some humorous moments.  I wouldn’t say that Sherlock Holmes fans need to see this movie, however.  Some of the people who died on December 20 include Sacagawea (1812), James Hilton (1954), John Steinbeck (1968), Bobby Darin (1973), Artur Rubinstein (1982), Carl Sagan (1996), Hank Snow (1999), Foster Brooks (2001), Robert Mulligan (2008), Brittany Murphy (2009), Steve Landesberg (2010).  Today is a birthday for Peter Criss (71).

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