Christmas Eve 2016

I watched CBS This Morning for their chef segment.  Some of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s signature dishes include Boneless lamb with mushroom crust and leek puree, Brussel sprouts cooked with smoked bacon and sage, Warm beets with cranberries and ginger, and Mushrooms in wine butter.  I did a bit of work and talked about “Rogue One” with a couple of people.  We agreed that the CGI version of Carrie Fisher’s face did not look natural.  I rushed to the Coliseum to catch the second half of the Raiders game against the Colts.  The Raiders had a 33-7 lead, but the Colts made a good effort in coming back to within eight points.  The unfortunate thing that happened was that Derek Carr suffered an injury.  The crowd was hoping that it was only a sprain, but it was much worse, and everyone’s Super Bowl hopes seemed to go down the drain.  I hurried out of the stadium and got back home as quickly as I could.  The street fair near my apartment building was winding down.  A lot of shops were already closed because it was Christmas Eve.  I went over to Bongo Burger for a sandwich.  I put some items in my backpack and made sure I had my tickets and my keys.  I went to the West Oakland BART station and waited for the Megabus.  The stress of waiting and the travel left me tired.  We went past the Coliseum as we headed south on the freeway.  I feel sleep.  We stopped in the middle of nowhere at about 11:30, at a Wendy’s, and I ordered a chicken sandwich.  The food made me feel better.  I thought we were going dangerously fast through the Grapevine.  I had visions that we would hit an icy patch and all die.  We reached Union Station sooner than I expected, at 2:30.  Some of the street people outside wanted to take a seat, but the security guards allowed only people with Amtrak tickets to have a place.  I will say that the Megabus was better than the Greyhound bus, and it got me where I wanted to go pretty quickly.  Some of the passengers were college students who talked about expenses and the difficulty of getting through higher education.  I didn’t want to chime in.  Some of the people who died on December 25 include W.C. Fields (1946), Johnny Ace (1954), Charlie Chaplin (1977), Joan Blondell (1979), Joan Miró (1983), Billy Martin (1989), Dean Martin (1995), Denver Pyle (1997), James Brown (2006), Eartha Kitt (2008), Ann Savage (2008), and Vic Chesnutt (2009).  Today is a birthday for Annie Lennox (62), Sissy Spacek (67), and Jimmy Buffett (70).

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