Bed of Lies

I watched “Bed of Lies” with Susan Dey and Chris Cooper.  Dey was Vickie Daniel, a waitress who marries the son of the governor of Texas.  The marriage turns sour, and she ends up on trial for his murder.  I found it hard to believe that she would be forty years old and working as a waitress, telling people what size coffee they should buy.  She has some believable and rather interesting moments with the children, as they’re watching a dinosaur movie on television or going out for pizza.  Chris Cooper fit the bill as a man with a crazy side.  In fact, I thought he had the spirit of Harvey Keitel in him in several scenes.  I was kind of funny how Susan Dey was in “L.A. Law” for all those years, and in this movie she is the suspect.  I thought she would have wanted to get away from courtrooms.  Susan Dey isn’t the young woman here that she was in everything before “Looker.”  I somehow didn’t think she would be in a project that showed a woman in the wrong.  The movie doesn’t show some of Price’s behavior.  You can’t show everything on television.  I thought the daughter was one of the more interesting characters in the story.  Mary Kay Place is Price’s sister.  I found it hard to look past her appearance in “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.”  Texas seemed like a place where you wouldn’t want to live, based on this movie.  It takes a long time to get to the trial, and the verdict comes in the last few minutes.  I didn’t find Susan Dey’s Texas accent too convincing.  She was supposed to be from Tennessee in “Love Leads the Way” and had problems with that accent, too.  There was no suspense about the outcome, although she didn’t even see the true ending of the story.  I would say this was one of the weakest of the TV movies I’ve seen with Susan Dey in the cast.  The most effective scenes were the disturbing ones with Price’s violent behavior.  I wondered why the camera weren’t pointed at Vickie at the end.  This movie isn’t worth paying special attention to, but Chris Cooper does show that has some acting talent.  I didn’t understand why this movie was called “Bed of Lies.”  Some of the people who died on December 28 include Maurice Ravel (1937), Paul Hindemith (1963), Max Steiner (1971), Dennis Wilson (1983), Sam Peckinpah (1989), Jerry Orbach (2004), and Susan Sontag (2004).  Today is a birthday for Gayle King (62), Denzel Washington (62), Maggie Smith (83), and Stan Lee (94).

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