The Eagle Huntress

I went over to the theatre to see “The Eagle Huntress.”  It was about a 13-year-old girl named Aisholpan in Mongolia and her eagle.  They manage to win a contest, a display of skill, and then they go on an actual fox hunt.  The main thought running through my head as I watched was that I was glad I didn’t leave in a cold climate where I had to deal with a lot of snow.  Moving around seemed so difficult and exhausting.  Also, I thought about one of my college friends who had come over from Gambia.  He told me that hunting was one of the most exciting things you can do in life.  I don’t think I would have the patience to deal with a bird.  Aisholpanl is breaking through into a male world, although I don’t know if the audience out there really wants to see her go out and participate in the killing of a fox.  Of course, I don’t have to fight to survive out there in Mongolia.  The details of the hunt were fascinating.  They break the ice to give the horses the chance to drink, and they reach a patch of snow so deep that it’s hard for the horses to get through.  The narrator was Daisy Ridley, who was Rey in “The Force Awakens.”  The movie made me fear eagles a bit, seeing that this one was able to kill a fox.  One thing that was good about this movie was that the people in it weren’t on their cell phones or on social media.  They were going out and doing things.  The movie made me think of “Jeremiah Johnson.”  I was glad that I saw at least one movie this year that didn’t have Michael Shannon in it.  I think I could come back to watch “The Eagle Huntress” ten years from now, and it would still make me feel the same.  It made me think about how the world just goes on, and it will go on without me one of these days. The movie didn’t have a long running time, as I felt the theatre at about 2:40 when the showing started at 1:10.  If people think that the message of this movie is that you can do anything, I think they’re mistaken.  You can do what is difficult with a lot of effort, but that doesn’t mean that you can do anything.  I think that we live in a culture of false confidence, or overconfidence.  The movie was rated G, although I think some young children might get somewhat disturbed about the hunting scene.  I thought about Tippi Hedren in “The Birds.”  I went out to Target to buy towels and flatware, and took a circular path home because I accidentally took the 26 bus.  At the record store, I found a two-for-one CD of Christmas albums by Stevie Wonder and the Supremes, and I was glad to get it for six dollars.  One of the movies that was on television was “The Harder They Fall,” with Humphrey Bogart and Rod Steiger.  I saw Mel Gibson on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and he cut the hair of someone out on the street.  Jamie Foxx and James Corden sang songs, but I got tired of them.  Kirsten Dunst was also on the show, but I was too sleepy to stay up to watch her.  Some of the people who died on January 7 include Larry Williams (1980), Trevor Howard (1988), Avery Schreiber (2002), Ingrid Thulin (2004), and Rod Taylor (2015).  Today is a birthday for Nicolas Cage (53), Katie Couric (60), and Kenny Loggins (69).

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