During a break in the rain, I went out to Albany to see “Lion” again.  As I waited for the bus home at the corner of Solano and San Pablo, a girl in a car called out to me and waved as if she recognized me.  I stopped at the record store and caught a CD of Simone Dinnerstein.  I sat down in front of the television and watched the Ingmar Bergman film “The Silence.”  It had some elements that would be repeated in “Persona” and “Cries and Whispers.”  Two sisters, named Ester and Anna, and Anna’s son Johan are traveling through a country preparing for war.  They make a stop at a town named Timoka for the sickly Ester to rest.  This place appears to be empty except for a group of dwarves.  For a movie that was made in 1963, it had a surprising amount of nudity and sex, and so it attracted a pretty big audience.  Ingrid Thulin played Ester.  Sven Nykvist was the cinematographer.  I didn’t see this film as being one of Bergman’s important films, although Roger Ebert thought it was a great film.  Peter Cowie praised Nykvist’s photography but didn’t say much else.  Some of the people who died on January 24 include Caligula (41 AD), Winston Churchill (1965), Larry Fine (1975), Gordon MacRae (1986), Thurgood Marshall (1993), and James Farentino (2012).  Today is a birthday for Michio Kaku (70) and Neil Diamond (76).

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