A woman at the library told me that she thought that “Cochochi” was a good movie, and so I borrowed the DVD.  It was a story that made me think of “The Reivers,” and perhaps a little bit of “Bicycle Thieves.”  It shows two boys in Chihuahua, Mexico, who graduate from elementary school and are given the task of delivering some medicine.  Their names are Tony and Evaristo, and they take their grandfather’s horse and go out and get lost.  It seemed that school didn’t teach them a basic lesson in life and common sense, which is that you don’t leave a valuable horse alone when you and your family are so dependent on it.  The acting is a weakness of the film.  The film does give a strong sense of the setting, as I could imagine what it would be like to walk around or ride a horse to those places.  The boys didn’t seem to know much about animals.  Even I, knowing only about city life, suspected what happened to the horse.  It’s what a dog or a cat might do.  The people in this film live in a culture that has a different language from the rest of Mexico.  It actually made me think back to “Deliverance.”  Both Evaristo and Tony could stand to learn a lot more from school and their grandfather.  They are children.  Tony can’t see what it would like working on the ranch as year after year passes by.  I don’t think this movie was any kind of brilliant work, but watching it might make you think about questions about education and how people in isolated cultures are going to fare in the modern world.  Tony’s attitude about school made me think of “Born Into Brothels.”  The directors were Israel Cárdenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán.  “Cochochi” was released in 2009.  One thing about the pace and tone of the movie is that most viewers won’t be inclined to really care about the content, since it is all so unlike a typical commercial film.  The movie is worth a look, but it’s not what you would call compelling.  I heard the news of the death of Mary Tyler Moore.  The photographs of her made her appear healthy at least until 2012.  Some of the people Giuseppe Verdi (1901), Mahalia Jackson (1972), André the Giant (1993), Claude Akins (1994), Tige Andrews (2007), J.D. Salinger (2010), Charlie Callas (2011), and Pete Seeger (2014).  Today is a birthday for Rosamund Pike (38) and John Witherspoon (75).

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