Toni Erdmann

I spent some time thinking about my work situation, and how it could be improved.  I thought I might have to apply for a new job.  I went out to Target to buy a new pair of jeans, and then took the bus back and stopped for a cheeseburger, which I brought into the theatre despite the sign that told me that no outside food or drink was allowed.  I did feel better after eating, and I was awake enough to sit through all of “Toni Erdmann” again without getting drowsy.  “Toni Erdmann” is a movie you need to see a second time within a week because one viewing does not make you suffer enough.  I think I appreciated the movie’s strengths a bit more the second time around, although the feeling that I was just watching a lot of edited footage instead of a work with a focused purpose did detract from the viewing somewhat.  I thought that Ingrid Bisu, the actress who played Anca, might attract attention here in the United States and become a star.  I wondered how much of the edited footage had her in it.  The scene with the petit fours was rather gross.  I was reminded of “Borat,” and how that movie didn’t make me laugh very much.  I wondered what happened to the two glasses of champagne, the two freshly squeezed orange juices, and the two club sandwiches, because Ines and Winfried simply rushed off to the mall.  This is a screwball comedy that doesn’t have a screwball comedy ending.  It seems that Ines is going to repeat her mistakes in a different setting unless some of her father’s spirit has taken seed.  I guess you can’t really apply normal standards to this movie, which is something of an anti-movie.  It doesn’t have a three-act structure or turning points in the plot or a nice resolution.  Maren Ade was the director.  She turned 40 on December 12.  “Toni Erdmann” made me think back on a movie called “Chilly Scenes of Winter,” which was directed by Joan Micklin Silver.  It was originally called “Head Over Heels,” which was released in 1979.  “Chilly Scenes of Winter” was released in 1982, and it was the picture that I saw.  It also had one of the last appearances of Gloria Grahame.  Anyway, I would say that “Toni Erdmann” was more worthy of attention than Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” was.  Scorsese is like Ines, someone who takes work too seriously.  He certainly takes his tastes in music very seriously.  I went home and watched part of the Cher show, with Gregg Allman singing “Midnight Rider.”  Later, Cher and Carol Burnett sang Randy Newman’s “Lonely at the Top.”  I watched the Supergirl episode “We Can Be Heroes.”  I felt that I had an exhausting day.  I heard the news that a key financial backer for the Raiders’ Las Vegas stadium backed out of the deal.  I had to wonder if he was disposable after he served his purpose politically.  Is anyone going to be able to afford tickets to NFL games in the future?  Some of the people who died on February 1 include Mary Shelley (1851), Piet Mondrian (1944), Buster Keaton (1966), Heather O’Rourke (1988), Herb Caen (1997), and Don Cornelius (2012).  Today is a birthday for Lisa Marie Presley (49) and Jerry Spinelli (76).

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