Kung Fu Panda

After I had lunch, I still had the time to catch a movie before my class, so I stopped at the theatre to see “The Eagle Huntress” again.  Those eagles were impressive in what they could do.  I wondered if they had any difficulty with survival after living with humans for seven years.  I saw after my lecture that it wasn’t raining, and so I happily went over to the record store to browse before the place closed.  I bought a used copy of “Slumdog Millionaire” on Blu-ray, and CDs of Ringo Starr, John Prine, and Janis Ian.  Back at home, I looked at the pile of videos I had accumulated over the holidays and decided to watch “Kung Fu Panda.”  Seeing it at home wasn’t better than seeing in the theatre, except that I didn’t have the distraction of kids talking.  I would say that Dustin Hoffman’s performance was very good.  He was amusing as Master Shifu, and this was his most enjoyable movie during the past ten years or so.  Jack Black was a great choice to be Po.  I would have liked Seth Rogen and Lucy Liu to have bigger parts.  I think this movie stands high with the kung fu movies of all time, and it’s something you can watch if you’ve seen the Kung Fu reruns with David Carradine too many times.  The biggest question I had as I watched it again was how to spell “Skadoosh.”  The animation still looked pretty good on my television screen.  I wondered whatever happened to Carl Douglas.  I guess he is still alive and in his seventies.  Some of the people who died on February 4 include Karen Carpenter (1983), Liberace (1987), Patricia Highsmith (1995), J.J. Johnson (2001), Ossie Davis (2005), Betty Friedan (2006), Barbara McNair (2007), Edgar Mitchell (2016), and Maurice White (2016).  Today is a birthday for Lawrence Taylor (58) and Alice Cooper (69).

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