I went over to the grocery store and bought my Super Bowl Sunday pizza.  I went out to see “Arrival” with the extra feature after the movie.  It gave a lot of praise to the director.  I watched the Partridge Family episode “The Partridge Connection,” which showed Danny getting into trouble for shoplifting.  Punky Lazaar showed himself to be a terrible friend, so it’s amazing that he came back for four episodes in the last season of the show.  I watched the Blu-ray disc of “Brooklyn,” a movie that I liked very much when I saw it in the theatres.  I still think it is exceptionally beautiful and moving.  I sympathized with Eilis when she felt that homesickness from reading the letter from home.  I thought that Saoirse Ronan gave a remarkable, excellent performance in this film.  I thought the movie was not quite as interesting when the story went back to Ireland in the second hour.  I don’t know how Eilis could forget about the vindictive woman who would be willing to create misery.  I watched the nine minutes of deleted scenes, and there was one scene that touched on racism.  Watching these Irish immigrants come into Brooklyn, I thought about how the area was going to change in the years to come.  Tony didn’t know it, but the Dodgers would be around for only five more seasons.  This is one of my favorite movies of the millennium.  I haven’t seen many other movies that made me feel anything.  I wondered how Tony fared with his big plans.  The guy was practically illiterate, and I could see Eilis and him parting ways sometime in the future.  I couldn’t see how Eilis could stay very long in Ireland, even without Tony to think about.  It would have become difficult to deal with the small hometown after a while.  I would have thought that Rose would have wanted Eilis return to the United States.  Would Eilis have wanted to continuing working at a place where the financial records were in disarray?  I would move to the other side of the world to be with a person who was meaningful to my life.  What to remember is that not very many such people exist in all of the world.  I watched a bit of Mary Tyler Moore on The Dick Cavett Show.  Some of the people who died on February 5 include Thelma Ritter (1969), Dean Jagger (1991), and Doug McClure (1995).  Today is a birthday for Hank Aaron (83) and Don Cherry (83).

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