Super Bowl LI

CBS Sunday Morning had segments on identical twins separated at birth and Lady Gaga.  They also noted that it had been fifth years since the premiere of the Smothers Brothers television show.  I went out to do my laundry and some grocery shopping.  I went out to see “Paterson” again before the start of the Super Bowl.  I thought it was a good movie.  By the time I got home, the game was nearing the end of the first quarter.  I was glad, though, that I didn’t miss any scoring plays.  It looked like the second quarter was going to be the difference in the game, with the Falcons scoring three touchdowns, taking advantage of a fumble and an interception.  The Patriots had to settle for a field goal before the end of the half, making the score 21-3 at halftime.  I found it slightly irritating that Lady Gaga began her halftime show with “God Bless America.”  Also, she sang a bit of “This Land is Your Land” without mentioning California.  I found the performance not as exciting as Michael Jackson’s from years ago.  I have to admit that I thought the game was over when the Patriots couldn’t score on their first possession of the third quarter, and in fact fell further behind at 28-3.  It seemed perhaps too late in the game for a comeback when they finally scored a touchdown, and when they did, they missed the extra point to make the score 28-9.  Still, getting to within three touchdowns made the score completely out of reach.  Another field goal made the score 28-12, so now a comeback was a possibility, although that missed extra point made the task harder.  When the Patriots made it 28-20, the game was finally exciting.  Still, the Falcons just needed to score once more to put the game out of reach.  One of those impressive Julio Jones catches seemed to be the dagger, but a sack and a penalty forced a punt.  Brady naturally took advantage and drove down the field to tie the game.  This would be the first Super Bowl game to go into overtime.  When the Patriots won the coin toss, many of us suspected that the game was over.  Tom Brady proved that he was cool under pressure and played like a winner.  It would have been perfect if Brady threw a pass for the winning touchdown, but it was a two-yard run.  It was a game with a lot of drama, and it had one of those impossible plays of the type the Giants had against the Patriots some years back.  I didn’t want to sit around watching the Patriots bask in their glory, so I changed the channel.  I will concede that this was one of the greatest Super Bowl games I’d seen, and that Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the Patriots are winners.  I listened to the Robert Hilburn Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program on KCSN.  He played songs from four of the best albums of 2016, by Allen Toussaint, Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, and David Bowie.  I watched the Columbo episode “Columbo Cries Wolf” from 1990.  I was surprised at the use of “She Drives Me Crazy” in the episode.  The director was Daryl Duke.  “Kolchak: The Night Stalker” came on at 10, but I couldn’t stand to watch it.  Two of the guest stars were Dick Gautier and Henry Jones.  Some of the people who died on February 7 include Walter Lang (1972), Matt Monro (1985), Bobby Troup (1999), and Doug Henning (2000).  Today is a birthday for James Spader (57) and Emo Philips (61).

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