The LEGO Batman Movie

I went to the laundromat in threw my towels into the dryer.  I caught up on a little bit of work and then took the buses over to the Grand Lake Theatre to see “The LEGO Batman Movie.”  There was so much stuff in it with the images and jokes and references that I felt that I absorbed only about three percent of it all.  This Batman was even funnier than Christian Bale.  I was not persuaded that he somehow needed a family to complete him, or that he had “Jerry Maguire” in his video collection.  He could have had “Marley and Me.”  I couldn’t come around to liking what went on between Batman and the Joker in this movie.  I thought that this movie did a lot to erase the damage that Ben Affleck had done to the Batman character.  I recognized Ralph Fiennes as the voice of Alfred.  He can be better at comedy than he was been in “Schindler’s List,” “Quiz Show,” and “The English Patient.”  I didn’t recognize many of the voices, but I did hear Channing Tatum in there.  I would like to see this movie again, possibly on the holiday on Monday.  I enjoyed this movie more than the recent DC superhero movies and also the first LEGO movie.  The original LEGO movie showed that Batman deserved some individual attention.  Is there a LEGO Superman movie in the works?  The Superman movies have become rather messy during this millennium, although not as messy as the Spider-Man movies.  Some of the people who died on February 12 include Sal Mineo (1976), Jean Renoir (1979), Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (2000), Charles Schulz (2000), David Groh (2008), Betty Garrett (2011), Kenneth Mars (2011), and Gary Owens (2015).  Today is a birthday for Christina Ricci (37), Josh Brolin (49), Arsenio Hall (61), and Judy Blume (79).

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