Chinese New Year Parade 2017

I saw Carla Pallotta on CBS This Morning.  Some of her signature dishes included Arancini, Two Nebo mushroom polenta, Goat cheese budino, Nebo chioppino, Ricotta pie, and Cherry blossom.  I looked up the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend and saw that the Top 10 songs on February 14, 1976 were “Evil Woman,” “”Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” “Love Machine,” “Love Rollercoaster,” “I Write the Songs,” “Sing a Song,” “Theme from ‘S.W.A.T.,’” “You Sexy Thing,” “Love to Love You Baby,” and “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.”  I went over to the office on a Saturday morning because I left the library’s copy of the Leonard Cohen CD “I Want It Darker” on a table.  I did a lot of work and felt tired at two o’clock.  I took the buses over to the transit station in San Francisco.  It took a long time because of the traffic.  Quite a few Giants fans were walking down the streets after their FanFest had ended.  It was about one hour before the Chinese New Year Parade was to begin down Market Street, and I found a spot across the street from a McDonald’s where I could look above the heads of a couple of children.  Someone flew a drone above the street.  As I waited, I listened to Janis Ian on my CD player.  The parade started about five minutes earlier than I expected, after the firecrackers went off.  We saw people like Jackie Speier, Fiona Ma, and Ed Lee, along with the KTVU news anchors.  I really just wanted a decent photo of one of the dragons.  One of the marching bands, from UC Davis, didn’t play until they were past us.  The most popular martial arts group apparently was the Shaolin Temple, which brought back memories of the Kung Fu television series.  Since it was the Year of the Rooster, a lot of the parade participants had the chance to look ridiculous in various costumes.  It’s not like going out there for the year of the dragon or the year of the tiger.  It seemed that AT$T had a lot of people marching behind their banner.  Ronald McDonald didn’t seem the same so soon after I had seen “The Founder.”  I didn’t take a photo of the Coca-Cola float.  There were many traffic jams and delays at the start of the parade route.  One of the most interesting vehicles was the Lucky shopping cart.  I did not get a good look at Miss Chinatown.  The first Miss Chinatown from 1958 did go past in a car, and she looked OK nearly sixty years later.  Some of these people were too preoccupied with their cell phones.  I think I got three good photos of the floats walking down the street before the parade, and two other good photos during the parade.  I touched only one dragon, the last one to go by.  My legs and feet were sore from my standing in one place for three hours.  It was about 7:40, and I was eager to return home.  I walked over to the bus stop.  I went over to buy a burrito just after nine o’clock, and I went home to watch a Star Trek episode.  They used a pressure chamber to drive away some aliens.  Scotty showed his emotions, and Captain Kirk said it was an Enterprise first that Spock, McCoy, and Scotty were all in agreement about something at the end.  Some of the people who died on February 13 include Richard Wagner (1883), David Janssen (1980), Martin Balsam (1996), Waylon Jennings (2002), and Ralph Waite (2014).  Today is a birthday for Henry Rollins (56), Peter Gabriel (67), Stockard Channing (73), Jerry Springer (73), Peter Tork (75), and Kim Novak (84).

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