A United Kingdom

It was a long day of work, and I was glad when it was over.  I bought a burrito and then headed for the theatre where “A United Kingdom” was showing.  The stars were David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike.  The story begins in 1947.  Two people fall in love and get married in England, but the marriage causes a stir back in Bechuanaland.  Seretse is a prince who was getting his education abroad, and he’s about to return to his home country.  Seretse’s uncle is one of the people who thinks the interracial marriage is a bad idea.  I would say that the scene in which the principals first meet is not convincing in the way it shows two people attracted to each other.  In fact, it is a cliché that would make most people cringe.  This young man seems young and foolish.  The movie gives the audience some things that they probably don’t want to see, such as Africans who don’t want to accept a white woman as a queen and politics and debate.  The movie does touch on issues like responsibility and sacrifice.  The story wouldn’t have been told if it ended in tragedy.  Another part of the story involves the discovery of diamonds and what it would mean to the economy of this African nation.  I liked the first part of the movie up until Seretse returns to England and the couple is separated from each other.  This should have been a stronger love story.  I did like watching Rosamund Pike, who was also in “Gone Girl.”  I took a long around the theatre, and I saw that I was the only non-white person in the audience.  I thought this might be slightly meaningful.  I thought the movie had its positive qualities, although I wouldn’t describe it as brilliant.  It didn’t excite me or inspire me, as maybe it was meant to do.  I did become interested in reading some more about this two people’s lives.  Seretse Khama died in 1980, and Ruth died in 2002.  I returned home and watched the Partridge Family episode “Me and My Shadow,” the last episode in the last good season of the program.  Richard Schaal was amusing, although it was sad to think that he died not too long ago.  Laurie looked beautiful, and Shirley give a hint about a private part of her life.  Keith was dismayed to discover that he wasn’t as popular as Mick Jagger.  The episode’s song was “Storybook Love.”  On one of the movie channels, I saw part of “Oliver!”  I watched it through the songs “Consider Yourself” and “I’d Do Anything.”  I fell asleep, and when I awoke, I saw the ending of “West Side Story” on television.  I could never see Natalie Wood as Puerto Rican.  I’m not sure that Elvis Presley should have played Tony, as he was about 28 at the time, and Tony behaved like a young fool.  Two people who died on February 26 include David Doyle (1997) and Lawrence Tierney (2002).  Today is a birthday for Fats Domino (89).

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