My cough subsided, and I was able to work without any problems.  I heard some bad news about Kevin Durant’s injury.  I stopped to get my Wednesday night burger, and then I got home to watch “Transamerica.”  I’d seen it before, but with all these transgender issues in the news recently, I thought it was worth another look.  It was still funny, but not quite hilarious all the way through.  Felicity Huffman’s performance was really incredible.  I really believed she was this character.  The relationship between son and parent that developed was like something out of “The Marriage of Figaro.”  Bree’s conservative outlook brought to mind Caitlin Jenner.  I didn’t understand it, though.  It was kind of sad to watch Elizabeth Peña.  I didn’t see enough of her in the movies over the years.  Fionnula Flanagan, Burt Young, and Graham Greene were also in the cast.  The teenage son was like someone you could have seen in “Neighbors 2.”  A transgender version of “It Happened One Night” must have been revolutionary in 2005.  Even now, I’m not sure that people want to see this movie, which I bought for only 95 cents in the used DVD bin.  I don’t know what Felicity Huffman did after appearing in this movie, but she will live forever in my mind as Bree in “Transamerica.”  I was also left wondering what happened to Graham Greene’s character in New Mexico.  I have the feeling that this movie will become more meaningful as the years pass.  It touches on a lot of life questions during 104 minutes.  In my childhood, I wouldn’t have dreamed of seeing a movie with a son as an aspiring porn film star and a transgender mother.  The first movies I ever saw in a theatre were live action Disney comedies.  When I think about the plot of “Transamerica,” it seems unlikely that the son would phone asking for Stanley when it happens to be one week before the surgery.  The script had a little girl questioning Bree’s gender and also a Native American named Calvin Many Goats, who doesn’t.  “Transamerica” got two Academy Award nominations, which were Felicity Huffman for Best Actress and Dolly Parton for Best Song, “Travelin’ Thru.”  I couldn’t find much biographical information on the director Duncan Tucker, aside from the facts that he was born in Arizona, graduated from New York University, and directed a short film called “The Mountain King.”  It seems that “Transamerica” is the major career achievement of his life so far.  I found it hard to stop thinking about this movie.  I watched a program on Janet Leigh.  I heard of “Night of the Lepus” but never saw it.  DeForest Kelley and Rory Calhoun were also in “Night of the Lepus.”  The program that followed was about Charlize Theron, one of the few current movie stars I actually like.  I’ve never seen “That Thing You Do,” “Two Days in the Valley,” or “Mighty Joe Young.”  I still couldn’t get to sleep, and so I sat through the next program, which was about Donna Reed.  Some of the people who died on March 3 include Johann Pachelbel (1706), Lou Costello (1959), William Frawley (1966), Hergé (1983), and Danny Kaye (1987).  Today is a birthday for George Miller (72).

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