I watched the chef segment of CBS This Morning.  Some of Markus Glocker’s signature dishes include Miso Braised Pork Shoulder, Roasted Beets “Linzer,” Linzer Sable, Brussels sprouts, and Red Cabbage. I looked up the American Top 40 playlist for the weekend.  The Top 10 songs on March 4, 1978 were “How Deep is Your Love,” “I Go Crazy,” “Just the Way You Are,” “Lay Down Sally,” “Dance, Dance, Dance,” “Night Fever,” “Emotion,” “Sometimes When We Touch,” “Stayin’ Alive,” and “Love is Thicker Than Water.”  I went to work and saw a display about bees.  I had a late lunch of a cheeseburger, and then I headed for the theatre.  I guess there are a lot of cat lovers in my town, because a good number of people bought tickets for “Kedi.”  It showed how cats were living in Istanbul.  I will say that it is impressive what they can do in getting around, climbing trees and getting to windows and such.  I think the only reason I would want to have one in my apartment is to keep the mice away.  I don’t think that cats are much fun.  They’re too self-absorbed.  No, I don’t believe that they have personalities that are like people.  Since they don’t have human intelligence, they can’t really be like people.  I was amazed that the people in the city went to such efforts to feed these cats and take them to the vet.  It was like feeding pigeons.  One of the cats initially liked roast beef but became picky and wouldn’t eat anything but turkey.  Those of us who have sense find the cats’ ungrateful attitude extremely annoying.  One woman said she respected the cat who was persistent in pursuing what it wanted.  I had to shake my head at that.  It’s not a sign of character to make a pest of yourself.  There is a major flaw to this film, and that is the fact that the cats do not talk.  The cats can’t make it clear what they’re thinking, and so we’re just left looking at them, and some of us project our thoughts onto them.  One man said that feeding cats was like therapy for him.  I didn’t understand that because the cats just ate and didn’t show the slightest bit of gratitude.  The cat lovers in the audience couldn’t get enough of watching the little animals.  They did have their moments when they were amusing, but I wouldn’t give them any food.  They remind me of the squirrels around my neighborhood.  There was some footage that looked like it came from drones.  It would have been interesting if more of the film came from aerial views of the cats.  I wouldn’t quite call this film the “Citizen Kane” of cat documentaries, but I think it will please almost anyone who liked “Keanu.”  Some people said that they appreciated the glimpse of Istanbul.  I went home and watched part of the Star Trek episode that was on Me TV.  A group of space hippies were intent on finding Eden.  The place they found had poison fruit.  I couldn’t get to sleep, so I watched “Captain Fantastic” again.  I thought there were a few flaws in the story.  I couldn’t see the oldest son as being absolutely clueless about talking to girls when he had a mother and sisters around him.  Also, I thought the father-in-law would have called the police to prevent Viggo from getting very far.  Why did the kids stay in their hiding place for so long when one of them had an injury.  One of the television channels had a marathon of The Doris Day Show going on all weekend, and another channel showed an episode of The Avengers that I remembered from my childhood.  It involved electricity and rubber boots.  I heard rain on the roof.  Some of the people who died on March 6 include Davy Crockett (1836), Pearl S. Buck (1973), Adolph Caesar (1986), Melina Mercouri (1994), and Teresa Wright (2005).  Today is a birthday for Tom Arnold (58) and Kiki Dee (70).

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