Airport 1975

I watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory that ended with Physicists Gone Wild on YouTube.  I also watched the Partridge Family episode “Beethoven, Brahms, and Partridge.”  I saw that the family was having sliced carrots at one meal, although I didn’t see Laurie eating them.  There was a reference to the Partridge Family trading cards.  Danny could not have been as happy about Ricky’s song as he looked.  I went out to the record store, which was being reconstructed.  I returned home and watched the DVD of “Airport 1975.”  Karen Black was in films like “Five Easy Pieces,” “Nashville,” and “Family Plot” during this decade, but here she is asked to play a stewardess who has to pilot a plane for a while.  The movie has a slow introduction that was not as interesting as the first Airport movie.  Thirty-five minutes into the movie, it felt like absolutely nothing had happened.  The cast is not as awe-inspiring as it is ridiculous.  You’ve got comedians like Sid Caesar and Jerry Stiller, old time stars like Myrna Loy and Gloria Swanson, and Helen Reddy as a nun who plays the guitar and sings to Linda Blair, who isn’t possessed by the devil but does have kidney problems.  I hadn’t realized before that Erik Estrada was in the cockpit, or that Jim Plunkett was one of the passengers.  Christiane Schmidtmer from “Ship of Fools” is around, too, and I wondered if that was supposed to be meaningful.  I had to think about the improbability of the collision.  It made me think of the baseball players who throw their gloves at the batted balls during batting practice.  I’ve never seen anyone’s glove ever hit a baseball.  How could the plane not crash?  It was an amazing coincidence that George Kennedy’s wife and son were on the plane.  Kennedy was more likable when he was the Average Joe in the first movie.  I didn’t get the explain of why the first pilot who tried to enter the jet wasn’t wearing a parachute.  It seemed that his failure was really to set up the scenario where Charlton Heston could get the chance to be the hero.  It’s rather comical how the audience is supposed to brush aside their memory of this guy and concentrate on Heston and Black, and hope that Linda Blair can survive.  The medical emergency there was phony, anyway.  The suspense was pretty much over before the end of the movie.  The question is supposed to be whether the plane can land properly on the runway.  The one reason why it is going to happen is that the filmmakers are not going to trash a real 747 that they rented for the making of this movie.  This film in the Airport series is still just good enough to be an Enjoyably Bad Movie, but there were indications that no more of these movies should have been made, just as with the Rocky movies or the Police Academy movies.  This was Gloria Swanson’s last movie.  At least her last movie was better than Joan Crawford’s last movie.







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