I prepared for class and gave the students a quiz.  When I got back home, it was too late to go to the record store, so I just stopped to buy a carne asada burrito, and then I sat down to watch “Up” again, but on Blu-ray.  I thought it was one of the best of the Pixar films of the past ten years.  It goes towards the sentimental in the beginning, and it is very moving, although not quite perfect.  Someone couldn’t resist going a little bit too far.  The idea of the floating house with helium balloons was rather exciting and gave the movie a sense of wonder and beauty.  I kept wondering what Russell’s mother must have been feeling with her son missing and in fact wandering around South America with an old man, a talking dog, and a flightless bird.  “Up” was one of the greatest things Ed Asner had ever done.  He was definitely right for this part.  It was fun to see the character who looked like Christopher Plummer with his voice.  I’m not sure that Russell was really assisting the elderly in this story.  It seemed more like he was a big nuisance.  He certainly wasn’t the smartest little kid, getting careless with his GPS device and not being careful about what he said about the skeleton.  He also talked about sticking around for dessert when the situation was threatening.  Plummer’s character was a bit scary for the little kids, and the last images of him were frightening.  There was a little bit of “The Assassination Bureau” in some of those scenes.  I really liked Dug the dog.  I can imagine a dog like him having the voice of Seth Rogen in another movie.  I liked that this was a story based on an original idea, especially when I think of all the sequels that Pixar has done in recent years.  Pixar showed more magic in “Up” than in something like “Finding Dory.”  I thought that “Ratatouille,” “Cars,” and “Up” were all good movies.  “The Incredibles” was quite good, too.  The end credits sequence suggest that Russell ended up spending way too much time with the old man.  It seemed impossible that the old geezer could have the energy for all those activities.  I thought the kid would get tired of being a scout.  I wonder what the kid who did his voice is doing nowadays.  I fell asleep and awoke to old episodes of Family Feud on television.  I prefer the older, Richard Dawson episodes, even though he did too much kissing.  One contestant said that the biggest moment in a child’s life was the first visit to a circus.  I don’t know what that woman was thinking.  “Nickelodeon” was one of the movies that was showing in the middle of the night.  Ryan O’Neal and Burt Reynolds were in it.  It did remind me of how much I liked “What’s Up, Doc?”  I wasn’t able to stay up for “Fat City,” the John Huston film with Jeff Bridges.  I heard that the A’s lost to the Giants, 3-0.  Sean Manaea did pitch four good innings.  Payday was making me feel pretty good.  I am rich compared to many people in my position.  I couldn’t believe that one of my friends was preparing for retirement.  Well, he does physical work, and I couldn’t see him spending much more time at that job.  Some of the people who died on April 2 include C.S. Forester (1966), Buddy Rich (1987), Edwin Starr (2003), and Gato Barbieri (2016).  Today is a birthday for Michael Fassbender (40), Emmylou Harris (70), and Linda Hunt (72).

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