The Boss Baby

I worked on my income tax return.  Three parts of it were a bit difficult, so I didn’t finish.  I took the buses out to the Grand Lake Theatre to see “The Boss Baby.”  I did not expect a masterpiece, and I did think the plot was thin and predictable.  It started with this idea that babies are the ones in charge of their families and took it a long way.  It did touch a bit on the emotions kids go through when a younger sibling is born.  Alec Baldwin was a good choice to voice the baby.  I thought that too much was made out of the older brother’s attempt to prove that the baby could talk.  There was a retro quality to his life, because he actually used a cassette tape recorder, and he also had a ViewMaster.  I saw references to “Toy Story” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”  Jimmy Kimmel as the father did not excite me.  I don’t see how a little kid could consider the Beatles’ “Blackbird” as his special song.  He obviously did not get the civil rights connotations to the lyrics.  The latter part of the movie was a pursuit and rescue sequence that was rather stale.  I knew that the story was going to end in some feel-good way, with the characters getting what they wanted.  What was true to me is the idea that you can’t really get along with younger siblings.  They are a reminder of how unfair life is.  I thought that this movie wasn’t as enjoyable as “Zootopia” or “The Secret Life of Pets.”  The script could have used a rewrite, or two or three or four.  One of the funnier jokes involved a fart, so the movie isn’t something I would recommend to most people.  The sound of Tobey Maguire’s voice did not inspire me.  One of the weekend’s big releases was “Going In Style,” which was a remake of a movie starring George Burns and Art Carney, and I wasn’t enthusiastic about seeing something I’d seen before.  “The Boss Baby” was not a memorable movie, and seeing the trailers for the Despicable Me and Cars movies reminded me that those were both better concepts.  I left the theatre quickly because I had to make it to city hall in time to get a new photo ID.  The rain continued to fall.  I went to the record store and bought some used DVDs, including “Funny Face” and “The Lady From Shanghai.”  I watched the Partridge Family episode “Double Feature,” which had Cheryl Ladd in it.  Keith looked like he wasn’t pleased with Ricky’s song.  Whatever happened to Ricky’s mother, anyway?  It looked like Laurie changed her hair.  One of the songs was by Goffin and King.  Some of the people who died on April 8 include Pablo Picasso (1973), Omar Bradley (1981), Ben Johnson (1996), Laura Nyro (1997), Claire Trevor (2000), Malcolm McLaren (2010), and Annette Funicello (2013).  Today is a birthday for Patricia Arquette (49) and Julian Lennon (54).

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