The Fate of the Furious

I woke up and watched CBS Sunday Morning, and I heard Jane Pauley say that she had been under the weather lately.  I also heard her talk about David Letterman’s mother.  I got a phone call from my parents, who asked about my income tax.  I got those forms ready for submission, and then I took the buses out to the Fruitvale BART station.  A light rain was falling, and many Warriors fans were going to the Oracle Arena for their playoff game with the Portland Trail Blazers.  As we got close to the time for the gates to open, we heard the announcement that the game had been cancelled.  I had suspicions about this, since the A’s had been playing horribly against the Astros and had used a lot of pitchers in Saturday’s game.  The Giants were still planning to play their home game at one o’clock.  I walked against the tide of foot traffic back to the BART station, and then I took a train to the 12th Street station, where I took a 12 bus.  I stopped at JJ Burger and had lunch before I walked over to the Grand Lake Theatre to see “The Fate of the Furious.”  You can’t take a movie like this seriously at all, as the plot is ridiculous.  I wondered how many cars they destroyed in making this movie.  They did use extensive CGI.  In “The Blues Brothers,” they wrecked a lot of police cars.  I don’t know anything about Vin Diesel, although I don’t think of him as an actor.  Kurt Russell seems to be in demand these days, as he appeared in this movie, and he’s going to be in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.  Charlize Theron was aboard for this film, and she gave the worst performance I’ve seen from her, as she was the villain here, a woman named Cipher.  She had to say the worst dialogue ever written, as she ordered people around and stated the obvious many times.  She reminded Dominic that she had his son and yelled at him to follow instructions.  The movie is actually slightly timely, as it raised the issue of nuclear weapons at a time when North Korea is so controversial.  Cipher is like James Bond’s Blofeld.  Charlie Theron’s face looked different.  The New York sequence with all those cars was not very exciting.  The parts on the ice brought back to mind the James Bond movie with Halle Berry.  Dwayne Johnson was a likable star compared to Vin Diesel.  I really don’t know how this series has gone on for eight movies.  The feeling that is expressed towards the cars is disturbing, as they get treated so poorly.  I’m thinking of the orange Lamborgini here.  Helen Mirren showed up and added something to this strange mix.  I thought that Michelle Rodriguez couldn’t get through this ludicrous plot unscathed.  The whole betrayal business was going nowhere.  The plot was phony.  I wondered why Cipher’s men would risk death following her.  She did have a Blofeld moment at the end.  I’m not sure I would want to see her in another one of these movies.  I certainly did not want to see Cipher get shot in the head or die in an explosion.  The audience liked the baby, although I was unsure that the kid would really want to listen to The Chipmunks.  The plot was unpredictable in its absurdity but predictable in its result.  With all the success at the box office this past weekend, a ninth movie seems to be a certainty.  I can’t see why movie fans aren’t already tired of these movies.  I can hardly stand watching Vin Diesel in one movie, much less nine.  The end credits did not have any bonus footage.  This wasn’t a horrible movie like “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” was, but there wasn’t much point to watch it.  As I took the buses home, I listened to the end of the Giants game.  I was amazed that they completed the game in the rain.  I went into the record store and bought a copy of The Beatles’ “Revolver.”  The cashier told me that it was good to see me.  I don’t have all of the Beatles albums in stereo on vinyl yet.  I listened to Robert Hilburn’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Times radio program on KCSN.  He played records by Smiley Lewis, Little Richard, and Al Green, among others.  I watched the beginning of a Columbo episode with Jack Cassidy as a magician, and I also watched part of “The Robe” but fell asleep.  I heard that the Warriors won their game by twelve points, and the A’s game was rescheduled as part of a doubleheader on September 9.  Depending on the weather, a doubleheader could be something very fun.  I’m imagining the food trucks there.  I watched a bit of “Kolchak: The Night Stalker.”  Bernie Kopell played a doctor.  I find it hard to believe that this series could go one for more than three or four episodes.  This one was kind of scary at the end, as it had a witch who was eliminating her rivals.  I thought the show featured some good music.  “The Fisher King” was another of the movies that was on one of the movie channels.  I wished I had the energy to catch the late showing of “Cezanne et Moi,” but the rain discouraged me from everything.  I missed the old days of listening to Dr. Demento on Sunday nights.  One of my favorites was “Dead Puppies.”  I also liked “Boot to the Head,” “Shaving Cream,” and “Gilligan’s Island Stairway.”  One of the movies was “Marty,” which I could not watch at five o’clock in the morning.  Some of the people who died on April 17 include Benjamin Franklin (1790), Eddie Cochran (1960), Dick Shawn (1987), Kitty Carlisle (2007), Danny Federici (2008), Michael Sarrazin (2011), Gabriel Garcia Márquez (2014), and Doris Roberts (2016).  Today is a birthday for Jennifer Garner (45) and Olivia Hussey (66).

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