Jharel Cotton’s Rough Fifth Inning

I went to work and felt tired.  When I got back home, I watched Match Game and fell asleep.  I stopped at Dollar Tree, and then took BART over to the Coliseum.  There was a light rain, but it didn’t look so bad that the game would get rained out.  I went to a food truck and ordered a crab sandwich.  I took my seat.  The teenagers in the school choir that sang the national anthem were all dressed up, and they were relieved that there was a break in the rain.  I saw some of them singing along to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” as they walked off the field.  There was a bit of a delay in getting the game started.  Jharel Cotton was the starting pitcher for the A’s.  He got into immediate trouble in the first inning when he allowed the Rangers two singles and a double for the game’s first run.  He did settle into a stretch of good pitching, resulting in twelve consecutive outs.  The fifth inning, though, would be crucial.  Cotton walked the first two batters, and after a sacrifice bunt, a double made the score 3-0, and Rajai Davis’ throwing error put the runner at third base.  After a strikeout, a walk and a stolen base set things up for a killing blow, which was a double that put the Rangers ahead, 5-0.  The Rangers’ pitcher, A.J. Griffin, was pitching exceptionally well, so it seemed highly unlikely that the A’s would be making a comeback.  Cotton pitched into the sixth inning, when Daniel Coulombe was brought in.  Frankie Montas pitched a clean seventh inning, and he allowed a single and a walk in the eighth inning, but he held the score at 5-0.  Liam Hendriks pitched the top of the ninth inning, which was a familiar pattern of the night.  After a 5-2 ground ball out moved the runners, a single made the score 7-0.  What had the A’s offense been doing?  Through the first six innings, they had a double from Stephen Curry with one out in the second inning, and that was it.  In the seventh inning, Jed Lowrie walked with one out, but Khris Davis followed by hitting into a double play.  In the eighth inning, the A’s had a scoring chance, although it started after two outs with a single from Trevor Plouffe and a pinch-hit double from Ryon Healy.  However, Jaff Decker couldn’t come up with a hit, as he grounded out.  We heard “Call Me Maybe” before the bottom of the ninth.  With the score at 7-0, we weren’t expecting a miracle from the home team.  Rajai Davis, Matt Joyce, and Jed Lowrie all made outs to end the game.  The weather had been unpleasant during a couple of innings with some rain coming down.  We saw Kara Tsuboi oversee a contest of two fans stuffing leftover Peeps into their mouths.  Besides the error, Rajai Davis attempted to steal second base in the first inning, but he slide past the bag and was tagged out.  I wanted to return home quickly and forget the terrible game I had just seen.  It had started at 7:15 with a game time temperature of 57 degrees, and it ended at 10:01.  Attendance was 10,406.  The phone callers to Chris Townsend’s radio show seemed very angry.  I watched a bit of Stephen Colbert before I went to sleep.  Some of the people who died on April 18 include Albert Einstein (1955), Ben Hecht (1964), Thor Heyerdahl (2002), and Dick Clark (2012).  Today is a birthday for Conan O’Brien (54), Eric Roberts (61), Rick Moranis (64), James Woods (70), and Hayley Mills (71).

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