Jesse Hahn’s Shining Start

I stopped by the office to use the computer for a while, and then I went out to catch a BART train to the Coliseum.  On the train, a large group of kids with musical instruments got on my car, and they told me that they were going to play the national anthem before the A’s game.  I saw that there were no food trucks on this morning, so I spent some time in the Warriors team store.  I went back outside the stadium and waited in line.  I saw Kara Tsuboi talking with a friend, and I saw her pat her belly.  She was having another baby.  Inside the stadium, I bought a sandwich and took it to my seat.  It was a pleasant afternoon.  The weather forecast was for rain to return during the night.  Jesse Hahn would pitch a good game for the A’s.  He had a clean first inning, and his teammates helped him out in the bottom of the inning.  Rajai Davis doubled, and Adam Rosales bunted him to third base.  Trevor Plouffe struck out.  Khris Davis was intentionally walked after three pitches.  Ryon Healy singled for the game’s first run.  Josh Phegley doubled for two more runs.  Yonder Alonso doubled to make the score 4-0.  Chad Pinder made the third out, but the team had forced the Rangers’ pitcher to throw 39 pitches to get through the first inning.  Hahn pitched a clean second inning.  He allowed a walk in the third inning and walk and a single in the fourth inning, but the score was still 4-0 to start the fifth inning.  Hahn gave up a home run with his first pitch in the sixth inning, and it was an impressive clout that nearly reached the suite level beyond the outfield fence.  In the bottom of the inning with one out, Plouffe walked and Khris Davis hit a home run to make the score 6-1.  Before the sixth inning, Kara Tsuboi asked a fan a trivia question about origami.  The sixth inning would be Hahn’s last, and he completed it by allowing only a two-out walk.  We saw a dance-off between a Rangers fan and an A’s fan.  The Rangers fan danced to “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” drawing a lot of boos.  In the bottom of the sixth inning with one out, Chad Pinder surprised us with a home run.  Jaff Decker grounded out, but then Rajai Davis, Adam Rosales, and Trevor Plouffe all singled, producing one more run.  Khris Davis was not able to do any more damage on this afternoon, as he struck out, leaving the score at 8-1.  Ryan Madson entered the game in the seventh inning, and it took him six pitches to strike out the first batter he faced, but then he got the next two outs with only three more pitches, both on fly balls to center.  In the bottom of the inning, Healy singled again, but Josh Phegley grounded into a double play.  However, on a 3-2 count, Yonder Alonso hit a home run, pushing the score to 9-1.  Daniel Coulombe pitched the top of the eighth inning, throwing only nine pitches to get three outs in a clean inning.  The A’s did nothing in the bottom of the inning.  The fourteen hits and nine runs in the game were both highs for season.  Liam Hendricks took the mound for the A’s in the top of the ninth, and he gave up a single, but then got the next three Rangers out to end the game.  It turned out to be a happy afternoon.  The game began at 12:37 with a game time temperature of 66 degrees, and it ended at 3:24.  The attendance was 14,031.  The usher in my section told me that she would see me tomorrow, and another usher asked me how many home runs the A’s hit.  The answer was three, one each from Khris Davis, Pinder, and Alonso.  All of the A’s players had at least one hit in the game.  Rosales, Plouffe, Phegley, and Decker each had one hit.  Rajai Davis, Khris Davis, Healy, Alonso, and Pinder each had two hits.  Plouffe and Khris Davis both drew one walk, and Khris Davis was the only one who reached base safely three times.  Some Warriors were walking in the opposite direction as I made my way to the BART station.  I was annoying that they were running five-car trains.  I stopped by Trader Joe’s to buy some groceries, and I did my laundry and had a turkey burger at Bongo Burger, where I watched the first quarter of the Warriors game.  Some of the people who died on April 20 include Pontiac (1769), Bram Stoker (1912), Don Siegel (1991), Benny Hill (1992), Cantinflas (1993), and Giuseppe Sinopoli (2001).  Today is a birthday for Crispin Glover (153), Andy Serkis (53), Jessica Lange (68), and George Takei (80).

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