Jharel Cotton’s 5.68 ERA and Fourth Loss

After I finished my lecture, I took the BART train over to the Coliseum.  I didn’t have the time to visit the food trucks, so I just took my seat and waited for someone to come along with pizza, and I bought one.  Jharel Cotton certainly did not have a good game pitching against the Angels on this night.  He struck out the first two batters of the game before giving up a home run.  The A’s did answer with two runs of their own in the bottom of the first inning.  Rajai Davis walked, stole second base, and then stole third base.  Jed Lowrie struck out, and Khris Davis lined out.  Yonder Alonso rescued the inning, however, as he hit a home run to give the A’s the lead at 2-1.  Cotton, however, could not hold down the Angels in the second inning.  After two outs, Cotton allowed a home run, a single, another single, and another home run, and suddenly the score was 5-2.  Cotton had a clean inning in the third, but then he allowed a double and two singles in the fourth inning, leading to two more runs for the Angels.  Meanwhile, the A’s had the bases loaded in the third inning but scored no runs, and they had only a double with one out in the fourth inning.  Cotton allowed a walk with one out in the fifth inning, but he kept the score at 7-2.  Josh Smith pitched clean innings in the sixth and seventh, and he allowed just one walk in the eighth inning.  The A’s scored again in the sixth inning when Yonder Alonso hit another home run, making the score 7-3.  They had singles from Ryon Healy and Trevor Plouffe, but no runs.  Daniel Coulombe pitched the top of the ninth inning and hit a batter with a pitch with two outs, otherwise it would have been a clean inning.  In the bottom of the ninth inning, Adam Rosales and Rajai Davis drew walks, but then Jed Lowrie lined out, and Rosales was caught too far away from second base, and so it was a double play.  Khris Davis grounded out to end the game.  It was started at 7:07 with a game time temperature of 63 degrees, and it ended at 10:14.  The attendance was 11,383.  Kara Tsuboi asked a kid a math question about Dennis Eckersley’s age, and she also judged a pie eating contest.  Christine the usher told me that I shouldn’t let the people at work get me down, whatever she been by that.  I heard that the Giants had lost again.  At least something good came out of the night.  It was getting cold, and so I wanted to rush back home and get some rest.  I was tired and simply looking forward to the end of the school year.  Some of the people who died on May 10 include Paul Revere (1818), Hokusai (1849), Joan Crawford (1977), Walker Percy (1990), and Shel Silverstein (1999).  Today is a birthday for Bono (57), Donovan (71), and Dave Mason (71).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for May 10, the Rolling Stones recorded their first single, a cover of Chuck Berry’s “Come On,” in 1963.  In 1970, “Airport” was the Number One movie at the box office.  In 1973, Bruce Lee collapsed during a looping session for “Enter the Dragon,” and would die two months later.  In 1975, Stevie Wonder performed in front of 125,000 people at the Washington Monument as part of Human Kindness Day.  In 1977, Joan Crawford died in New York at age 73.  In 1983, ABC aired the final episode of Laverne & Shirley.”  In 1985, The Go-Go’s announced their breakup.  In 1994, Tupac Shakur began a 15-day jail sentence for attacking director Allen Hughes on a music video set.  Also in 1994, Shel Silverstein, who wrote Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue,” died at age 68 of a heart attack in Key West, Florida.  In 1996, “Twister” was released.

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