Jesse Hahn’s Right Triceps Strain

During my lunch break, I felt terrible.  I took the bus out to the 12th Street BART station.  The bus was packed because of all the kids who boarded as they were going home from school.  The gates were opened early at the Coliseum to allow fans to watch the A’s batting practice.  One of the ushers described it as a treat.  After it was done, I headed for the food trucks and bought a grilled chicken sandwich, and then a soda float.  I couldn’t remember the last time I saw the Miami Marlins, but they probably were called the Florida Marlins at the time.  A Raider, Donald Penn, threw out the first pitch.  Jesse Hahn, the A’s starting pitcher, didn’t show what it took to win a game on this night.  The Marlins’ record over the past 25 game was only 5-20, but it didn’t look like it during this game.  Hahn gave up a hit on his second pitch.  After a stolen base and a throwing error by Stephen Vogt, another hit gave the Marlins their first run.  A double play helped Hahn get out of the inning.  Hahn started the second inning with a strikeout, but then allowed a single on a 0-2 count.  A fly ball to third was the second out, but then three consecutive hits – a double, single, and a triple – gave the Marlins another three runs.  Hahn got a strikeout to end the inning.  In the bottom of the inning, Yonder Alonso impressively returned from a few days off and hit a home run, making the score 4-1.  In the third inning, Hahn allowed a single to the first batter and went to a 2-1 count to the second when Bob Melvin went out and took him out of the game.  Apparently, he and his staff noticed a velocity drop in his pitches, and later it was announced that Hahn had a right triceps strain.  Bobby Wahl took a long time warming up, and the first pitch he threw was hit for a double and a run.  He would give up another double and a single before getting three outs, and the score was now 7-1.  Hahn had faced 13 batters, and seven of them got hits.  The last batter he faced would get a hit that was charged to Wahl.  The game felt like it was already over, but the A’s would come back.  Wahl would actually pitch a clean fourth inning, and in the bottom of the inning, Jed Lowrie was hit by a pitch and Khris Davis walked, followed one out later by a home run from Ryon Healy, making the score 7-4.  The Holy Toledo sign lit up, although the Holy Toledo plays seemed to be devalued because every strikeout by the A’s pitchers were getting the treatment.  In the top of the fifth inning with John Axford pitching, Mark Canha’s good catch in centerfield did not get a Holy Toledo.  Axford gave up three consecutive singles for another Miami run.  The Marlins were coming back every time the A’s scored.  On the radio in the middle of the sixth inning, we heard a replay of a Bill King call of an inside-the-park home run by Ray Durham against the Twins on October 4, 2002.  In the bottom of the inning, Jed Lowrie and Khris Davis doubled for one run.  Yonder Alonso was hit by a pitch.  He would run the bases but later come out of the game.  A Stephen Vogt hit brought the A’s to within 8-6.  With two runners on base and still just one out, this was an opportunity.  However, Trevor Plouffe struck out, and Chad Pinder, pinch-hitting for Adam Rosales, swung at the first pitch and flied out.  We saw on the video screen Rajai Davis challenged to name as many superheroes as he could in 15 seconds.  He named only five, although one was Underdog, and he named Superman twice.  Daniel Coulombe had taken the mound following Axford in the sixth inning.  In the top of the seventh, he gave up a home run to the first batter, deflating the team just as they had closed to within two runs.  Coulombe finished the inning with the 9-6 score.  In the bottom of the inning, the A’s had a chance to score.  Matt Joyce and Mark Canha both walked on 3-2 pitches.  Lowried lined out, and Khris Davis reached base on an error, loading the bases with one out.  However, Rajai Davis, now hitting for Alonso, flied out, as did Healy.  Liam Hendriks pitched the top of the eighth inning.  He struck out the first batter and got a Holy Toledo, which felt hollow.  He gave up a single but got the next two hitters out.  In the bottom of the inning, Vogt walked, but Plouffe hit into a double play, and then Pinder struck out.  Josh Smith came in to pitch the top of the ninth inning.  The last time we saw him, he gave up five runs to the Red Sox.  Smith started off badly in giving up a single and a walk.  A force play put runners on first and third, but then a single scored a run for the Marlins.  Another force play put runners on first and third again, and another single scored another run for the Marlins.  A 1-3 play was the third out.  Ken Korach on the radio said that these last two runs were critical, and he would turn out to be right.  Matt Joyce walked to start the bottom of the ninth inning.  He took second base, but Mark Canha struck out.  Jed Lowrie doubled to make the score 11-7.  Khris Davis flied out to center, although Lowrie went to third base on the play.  Rajai Davis gave us something of a flashback to Game 7 of last year’s World Series, as he hit a home run for the left field fence to make the score 11-9.  Healy singled to bring the tying run to home plate.  However, Vogt struck out to end the game.  This game was ridiculously long, especially for a nine-inning game.  The game had started at 7:07 with a game time temperature of 61 degrees, and it ended at 10:53.  The attendance was 12,835.  Chris Townsend commented on the length of the game on the postgame radio show.  He said he questioned whether Jesse Hahn was a real major league pitcher.  I just wanted to get home and to bed.  One of the ushers asked me about Alonso’s injury.  I listened to Herb Alpert on the way home.  Some of the people who died on May 24 include Nicolas Copernicus (1543), Duke Ellington (1974), George Jessel (1981), Hermione Gingold (1987), Gene Clark (1991), Dick Martin (2008), and Burt Kwouk (2016).  Today is a birthday for John C. Reilly (52), Rosanne Cash (62), Alfred Molina (64), Priscilla Presley (72), Patti LaBelle (73), Gary Burghoff (74), Bob Dylan (76), and Tommy Chong (79).  According to the Brandon Brooks radio segment for May 24, Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull were arrested for marijuana possession in London in 1969.  In 1974, David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” album was released.  In 1978, Van Halen’s first album was certified gold.  In 1991, “Thelma and Louise,” starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, was released.  In 1995, “Braveheart” was released.

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