Cars 2

I spent most of the day grading tests.  I took a lunch break and saw one of my fellow teachers also going out for something to eat.  After the day ended, I returned home to watch “Cars 2,” one of the lowest rated Pixar films, according to critics. It certainly did have its problems, like the mixture of espionage into the story and the focus on Mater.  I thought the voice of Michael Caine was amusing, though.  I supposed Sean Connery didn’t want to do the picture.  Emily Mortimer was the other British voice.  I think a lot of people were uncomfortable with the humor about the bumbling American abroad.  He was something like the Inspector Clouseau of animated cars.  The movie is enjoyable if you like cars and know a lot about them.  I would think that the youngsters out there didn’t understand the references to Pacers and Gremlins.  The movie was loud and shallow and didn’t have Paul Newman.  The emotion centered on Mater’s realization of what others thought of him and gaining a sense of self-worth.  The side of Pixar that I’m not too fond of is the part that tries to teach me lessons.  I would rather not see any more kid movies that have do with with friendship and loyalty.  Weezer’s “You Might Think” is on the soundtrack, leading me to ask the question of why The Cars’ recording wasn’t used.  There are those of us who remember the music video of the song.  John Lasseter came in to co-direct when the film proved difficult.  On problems was that the story was something a lot of people didn’t care about.  He should have given us a story that would have more appeal to parts of the audience, namely the female part.  There are a lot of references in the movie that are pretty interesting but don’t make a real difference in the story and the content.  I read a lot of negative reviews of “Cars 2.”  It’s widely seen as the worst of the Pixar movies.  Roger Ebert, though, gave it a generous review because it brought back childhood memories for him.  I guess I can think back to the days when I had Hot Wheels cars.  What is the third Cars movie going to be like?  I can’t say that I am optimistic.  The movie was shown with a Toy Story short film called “Hawaiian Vacation,” which was funny and enjoyable.  Some of the people who died on May 31 include Joseph Haydn (1809), William Castle (1977), Timothy Leary (1996), Tito Puente (2000), Arlene Francis (2001), and Jean Stapleton (2013).  Today is a birthday for Colin Farrell (41), Brooke Shields (52), Lea Thompson (56), Joe Namath (74), and Clint Eastwood (87).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for May 31, “Beatlemania” opened in 1977.  In 1979, the Electric Light Orchestra album “Discovery” was released.  In 1990, the first episode of “Seinfeld” aired.  In 2000, Johnnie Taylor died of a heart attack at age 66 in Dallas.

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