Sean Manaea’s Three 0-2 Pitches

I didn’t get the chance to go to Peet’s Coffee on Broadway to see Yonder Alonso, Stephen Vogt, Ryon Healy, and Liam Hendriks wearing aprons.  I got to stadium by taking the buses out there, and I sat on a bench as I waited for the gates to open.  I decided to browse through the team store.  I saw jerseys that I would like to buy.  The Hunter, Jackson, and Eckersley jerseys looked like the best ones to me.  I strolled through the Catfish Hunter gate and took a photo.  I got some loaded tots and headed for the plaza where the food trucks were parked.  I bought chicken tacos and a chocolate malt.  I took my seat after 6:30. Sean Manaea, the starting pitcher for the A’s against the Astros, started off with two perfect innings.  He allowed a walk and a single in the third inning but didn’t give up a run.  He got through the fourth, allowing just a single with two outs.  In the fifth inning, Manaea walked the first batter, then got the next three batters out.  Through the first five innings, the A’s through the first five innings got a runner as far as second base only twice, in the first inning and in the fifth inning.  Entering the sixth inning, the score was still at 0-0, but something was about to happen.  Manaea went to a 3-2 on the first hitter before giving up a single.  He went to a 2-0 count on the second batter before giving up another single.  Jaycob Brugman made the mistake of throwing to third base when the runner was the speedy Jose Altuve, allowing the trailing runner to take second base.  Manaea went ahead in the count, 0-2, but gave up a single for two runs.  After a strikeout, he again went ahead, 0-2, to the next batter and allowed a single.  After another strikeout, Manaea got to a third 0-2 count in the inning and allowed the fifth single of the inning, this one making the score 3-0.  He struck out the next batter to finally end the inning.  Manaea began the night with a 4.01 ERA. At the end of the fifth ending, he had reduced it to 3.73, but at the end of the sixth inning, it had gone up to 4.05.  The A’s were quiet in the bottom of the sixth inning, with nobody reaching base for the first time in the game, although the only runner they had in the fourth inning was Khris Davis via an error by the third baseman.  The Big Head race had no grabbing or pushing or bumping, but Rollie Fingers continued a lackluster stretch as it was a close finish between Rickey Henderson and Dennis Eckersley, with Eckersley winning it.  Ryan Madson took over for Manaea in the top of the seventh inning, and Madson should have had a clean inning but for Healy’s error with two outs.  The bottom of the inning had a promising start for the A’s, as Yonder Alonso doubled and Ryon Healy walked.  After a pitching change, Brugman hit into a force play, with Healy out at second base as Alonso went to third base.  After another pitching change, Stephen Vogt pinch-hit for Rajai Davis and grounded out, as Brugman went to second base, and Alonso scored a run. Josh Phegley was unable to bring in Brugman, as he grounded out to the pitcher.  The unusual thing that the fans saw in the eighth inning was Stephen Vogt playing left field.  Santiago Casilla was pitching the inning.  Vogt caught a fly ball for the first out.  The next ball hit to him was a sinking line drive that he was unable to catch, although he stopped it from getting past him.  The next ball was also hit his way but to his right, as it went for a double.  A fourth ball was hit to him, and it was another fly ball that he caught, with the Astros scoring on the play.  The score was now 4-1.  Casilla got the third out on a ground ball.  I saw that his ERA went from 4.07 to 4.26 after the inning.  The A’s had no reply in the bottom of the eighth inning, as they made three quiet outs.  Jed Lowrie looked discouraged as he took a called third strike for the last out.  Josh Smith pitched the top of the ninth inning.  He got the first two batters out, but then gave up a home run on a 2-0 pitch, making the score 5-1.  He got a strikeout to end the inning.  His ERA started at 6.63 and went up to 6.75.  Many of the fans had left by this point, so not many were left to dance along to “Y.M.C.A.”  The bottom of the ninth inning started with Khris Davis striking out.  He had gone 0-for-4 on the night, grounding into a double play with two runners on base to end the first inning.  Yonder Alonso flied out.  He had walked and doubled, going 1-for-3 in the game.  We saw a photo of him wearing a Peet’s Coffee apron and badge on the scoreboard.  Ryon Healy singled to right field.  He had gone 1-for-3 in the game.  He had struck out and hit into a double play that ended the fourth inning, but also walked.  Jaycob Brugman, the last hope, was 1-for-3 with a single coming up to bat.  The count was 1-2 on him when he struck out to end the game.  This game had started at 7:07 with a game time temperature of 70 degrees, and it ended at 10:13.  The attendance was 12,277.  Like Khris Davis, Matt Joyce had gone 0-for-4.  Jed Lowrie had gone 0-for-3 but walked in the first inning.  Josh Phegley was without a hit, but was hit by a pitch.  Rajai Davis was 0-for-2.  Annoyingly, he struck out with Brugman at first base with no outs in the fifth inning.  Vince Cotroneo pointed out to us over the radio that the good feeling from the Yankees series was now a distant memory.  The Astros were showing us that they are a better team than the Yankees.  Cotroneo had said that Jose Altuve had gone without a hit in the first two games of this series, which was incorrect.  The box score for Tuesday’s game showed that Altuve had one hit.  Cotroneo also informed us that Falcon McFalconface would be getting a new wingman, so to speak, a kind of Robin to Batman.  I saw Cotroneo’s tweet showing some of the food from the food trucks, including nachos from Big City, Country Boy.  I listened to Chris Townsend talk about Manaea’s failure to get an out three chances with the count at 0-2.  I was just anxious to go home. Some of the people who died on June 22 include David O, Selznick (1965), Judy Garland (1969), Fred Astaire (1987), Pat Nixon (1993), Ann Landers (2002), George Carlin (2008), and Dody Goodman (2008).  Today is a birthday for Bruce Campbell (59), Cyndi Lauper (64), Meryl Streep (68), Lindsay Wagner (68), Todd Rundgren (69), and Kris Kristofferson (81).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for June 22, “The Fall of the House of Usher” was released in 1960.  In 1968, Herb Alpert had the Number One single, “This Guy’s in Love with You.”  In 1973, David Bowie released the single “Life on Mars?”  In 1979, “The Muppet Movie” was released.  In 1990, the sequel “RoboCop 2” was released.  In 1993, Wilson Pickett pled guilty to drunken driving charges after he had struck an 86-year-old pedestrian named Pepe Ruiz in Englewood, New Jersey.  In 1995, “Apollo 13” had its premiere at the Academy Theater in Beverly Hills.

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