Despicable Me 3

I couldn’t fall asleep until I had the news on the radio.  After I awoke, I watched the Partridge Family episode “Miss Partridge, Teacher.”  Nobody told Danny and Keith that plagiarism on a writing assignment deserves an F.  It didn’t look as though Laurie ate any of her breakfast.  I went to a staff meeting and saw myself in the slideshow at the end. I took the buses out to Jack London Square to see “Despicable Me 3.”  When you see old television comedies, and an episode has a plot about a twin of one of the main characters, you know the writers are running out of good ideas.  Steve Carell already seemed tired of doing the voice of Gru, so having him also do the voice of Dru was stretching him thin.  The children in the audience this afternoon probably saw that this movie was going through the motions, and they didn’t laugh that much.  Of course, there were musical references to the 1980s that they most likely didn’t understand.  I think you have to be careful about using “Money for Nothing” on the soundtrack because of the way people will interpret it.  The minions were tossed into the movie and weren’t necessarily to the action.  Did fans of the previous Despicable Me movies actually like this one?  I thought this movie didn’t show much of anything.  Some of the people who died on July 1 include Erik Satie (1925), Michael Landon (1991), Wolfman Jack (1995), Margaux Hemingway (1996), Robert Mitchum (1997), Walter Matthau (2000), Marlon Brando (2004), Luther Vandross (2005), and Karl Malden (2009).  Today is a birthday for Liv Tyler (40), Pamela Anderson (50), Carl Lewis (56), Dan Aykroyrd (65), Deborah Harry (72), Jamie Farr (83), and Olivia de Havilland (101).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for July 1, “The Sons of Katie Elder,” starring John Wayne and Dean Martin, was released in 1965.  In 1969, John Lennon crashed his car in Scotland during a family vacation.  In 1975, “The Apple Dumpling Gang” was released.  In 1979, the first Sony Walkman went on sale.

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