Daniel Gossett’s Lack of Support

Some of the morning news reports were about the Berkeley BART station, which was opening an entrance that accepts only Clipper cards.  I walked over there and saw the KPIX reporter returning to the scene with a cup of coffee.  I went to work, and I hurried to take the bus and BART train over to the Coliseum.  I got to my seat before the first pitch.  Daniel Gossett was the A’s pitcher facing the Tampa Bay Rays.  He got through the first inning allowing just a two-out single.  In the bottom of the inning, Matt Joyce drew a walk.  Marcus Semien made an out, and Yonder Alonso hit into a force play that would have been a double if not for an error by the pitcher.  Baserunners would be scarce for the A’s after this play through the seventh inning.  In the second inning, Gossett gave up a home run, putting the Rays ahead 1-0.  In the third inning, Marcus Semien made a late throw to first base and also couldn’t execute a double play, and so a walk turned into a run.  The A’s came back in the fourth inning when Khris Davis hit a home run with one out.  Unfortunately, Gossett couldn’t produce the shutdown inning as he allowed a home run with two outs, putting the Rays ahead, 3-1.  Gossett had a clean sixth inning.  We didn’t get a Big Head race, but we did get a Flex Cam segment.  Gossett gave up a double to start off the seventh inning.  A sacrifice bunt put the runner at third base.  Yonder Alonso and Bruce Maxwell teamed up for a great play to get the runner trying to score from third base on a ground ball.  Gossett got a ground ball out to keep the score at 3-1.  During the seventh inning stretch, we heard James Brown’s “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag.”  Blake Treinen, a new member of the team from the trade with the Washington Nationals, pitched in the top of the eighth inning.  He got to a 3-2 count to the first three batters he faced, resulting in a 6-3 out, a walk, and an unusual 5-6-4 out.  A ball hit out to left field was the third out.  Michael Brady pitched the top of the ninth inning.  He gave up a double with two outs, but nothing more.  We saw the John Belushi Animal House video, and Yonder Alonso started off the bottom of the ninth inning with a double.  Khris Davis grounded out.  Jed Lowrie also grounded out, but with Alonso taking third base.  A wild pitch gave the A’s another run for a 3-2 score.  Ryon Healy grounded out to end the game.  The game had begun at 7:07 with a game time temperature of 70 degrees, and ended at 9:55.  The attendance was only 9,736, the lowest number since 9,193 on May 2, 2011.  The losing record and Tampa Bay on a Monday night made for a combination that baseball fans could resist.  Even during a year like 2001, no one came out for the games with Tampa Bay.  The A’s had only two hits in the entire game, the Khris Davis home run and the Yonder Alonso double.  Daniel Gossett sure didn’t get much support from his teammates on this night.  The fan trying to win a watch hitting wiffle ball home runs into the stands also had difficulty with his hitting.  He looked stiff in his stance, and his bad swings drew some boos.  He certainly did not deserve the watch.  I was tired and wanted to go home quickly.  I had thoughts of Root Beer Float Day and getting some autographs.  I stayed up and watched part of Stephen Colbert’s show.  He appeared on a Russian television program.  Some of the people who died on July 18 include Caravaggio (1610), Jane Austen (1817), Machine Gun Kelly (1954), and Nico (1988).  Today is a birthday for Elizabeth McGovern (56), Richard Branson (67), Martha Reeves (76), and James Brolin (77).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for July 18, Elvis Presley made his first recording in 1953, “My Happiness.”  In 1960, Hank Ballard and the Midnighters released “The Twist.”  In 1966, Bobby Fuller was found dead in a car parked outside his Hollywood apartment.  In 1992, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were married at her mansion in New Jersey.

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