I watched the Partridge Family episode “Pin It on Danny.”  The family had a birthday cake for Shirley, although I didn’t see Laurie eating any of it.  I don’t know why Reuben would give Shirley a photo of himself for her birthday.  The kids gave her a four-slice toaster.  I saw in the mail the episodes of Banacek that I ordered, although the annoying thing was that the episodes were not in chronological order.  I watched the first Game of Thrones episode before I sat down for Marilyn Monroe in “Niagara.”  She actually wasn’t the main character, although she was the flashiest character.  I thought she was best in comedy, but she did show that she would play femme fatale parts in a movie like “The Asphalt Jungle.”  Joseph Cotten was not entirely convincing as Monroe’s husband with emotional problems.  Jean Peters was nearly a victim.  This movie had elements of Hitchcock with the famous landmark and the mysterious character, and the murder that what was it was thought to be initially.  Marilyn showed off her beauty and her bad side.  It wasn’t the most brilliant movie, but it was enough to see Marilyn in it for a while, although she was missing for the last 30 minutes or so.  Joseph Cotten did have a link to Alfred Hitchcock because of course he was in “Shadow of a Doubt.” I thought there was a little bit of “Strangers on a Train” in the murder.  The waterfall images made me think of Harrison Ford in “The Fugitive.”  I thought that Henry Hathaway made some pretty good films in his career.  One of his last films was “True Grit.”  This movie doesn’t have the quality of greatness because of the rather weak plot and the forgettable characters outside of Marilyn and Cotten.  Big stars can make almost any movie worth watching.  I would say that the character of Bud was especially weak, someone who doesn’t pay attention.  A couple of interesting notes about this picture is that it is one of the last to be shot in three-strip Technicolor, and that Hathaway said that it would have been better if James Mason had played the role of Marilyn’s husband.  The trailer was in black and white, oddly enough.

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