I set out to go to the Orinda Theatre.  I had to figure out how to get there from the other side of the freeway, where the Orinda BART station was.  They had some places to eat, and a toy store.  I thought about getting some ice cream, but decided against it.  I liked the location of this theatre, which looks like it’s in the middle of a forest.  I bought my ticket and he directed to a small room where Maudie” was going to be shown.  Sally Hawkins was Maud, a young woman who moves out to work as a maid for Everett, a fish dealer.  Ethan Hawke is Everett, who is the extreme in male noncommunication.  I could actually relate a bit to his difficulty in getting along with Maud, or anyone else.  This is a story of unusual and strange love.  Who would tolerate Everett’s rules?  Maud attracts a little bit of attention with her painting, and she starts bringing in some money with her work.  Is Everett going to change his ways with the change in their relationship?  It seems like a miracle that he does soften up.  I felt that I was always aware that both Hawke and Hawkins were acting their parts.  When you’ve seen Hawke in “Boyhood” and even “Valerian” recently, you know that he is something different than what he is in this movie.  The story feels like it could have taken place a very long time ago, but there were indications of time, like a car or references to Nixon and Agnew.  The focus is so strong on the two principal characters that it’s easy to lose track of time.  The setting in Nova Scotia was not in the middle of civilization.  There was a turn in the story that involved a child that felt predictable.  There was a touch of “Love Story” at the end.  There was brief footage of the real Maud at the end, and she looked older than Sally Hawkins.  I’m not sure you would call this a great love story in which two people find each other.  It’s more like they avoided loneliness and managed to do something with their lives.  Maud painfully navigated her way through Everett’s world, in which he initially puts her at the bottom, below his dogs and chickens.  The scene with Maud catching the chicken reminded me of Roman Polanski’s “Tess.”  I couldn’t see Rachel McAdams as Maud, although I’m not sure that Sally Hawkins was the perfect casting choice.  Ethan Hawke expressed admiration for her talent.  I think more people will discover this movie and come to like it.  There was no CGI in it.  It’s the kind of money that gives you a lot to talk about afterwards.  Some of the people who died on August 2 include Enrico Caruso (1921), Alexander Graham Bell (1922), Warren Harding (1923), Pietro Mascagni (1945), Fritz Lang (1976), Totie Fields (1978), Thurman Munson (1979), Donald Ogden Stuart (1980), Raymond Carver (1988), Colleen Dewhurst (1991), William S. Burroughs (1997), Shari Lewis (1998), Jimmy Jones (2012), and Cilla Black (2015).  Today is a birthday for Dylan Dreyer (36), Mary-Louise Parker (53), Victoria Jackson (58), and Apollonia Kotero (58).

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