Some Like It Hot

I tried to get a lot of work done for my classes.  I had a long day of work, and I came home to have some ravioli.  I watched the Blu-ray disc of “Some Like It Hot.”  It was actually on television on Saturday night, following “12 Angry Men” on KQED, but I didn’t watch it then.  This disc started with the MGM lion roaring, and then it went straight into the movie.  I liked the absence of trailers and other advertising junk.  It takes a long time before we see Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon dressed as women, and about a minute later, we see Marilyn Monroe for the first time. George Raft is the gangster Spats.  I remember him only for this movie and for “The Ladies Man.”  I thought a couple of the coincidences were too unlikely to be believable.  How was it that this all-girl band just happened to be lacking a bass player and a saxophonist?  How did Spats end up at the same hotel as the two main characters.  I liked the shot of the fire escape near the beginning of the film, but that car was conveniently parked underneath it.  I wondered why the band was playing without Josephine and Daphne at the end without anyone trying to find either of them.  I liked the songs that were in the movie.  I thought that the big flaw in the movie was Tony Curtis’ female voice, which was dubbed.  I wondered if Jerry ever got around to seeing the dentist.  One of the reasons Billy Wilder filmed this movie in black and white was so that the makeup on Curtis and Lemmon would look reasonably believable.  Marilyn preferred the way she looked in color.  I thought that Joe and Jerry were broke, so I couldn’t figure out how they got the money for the women’s clothes.  Lemmon was nearly believable as a woman.  I kept looking at his throat for his Adam’s apple.  Joe did a Cary Grant impersonation, which is amusing.  The movie was ahead of its time with its implications.  You can think about this movie in terms of today’s issues, like same-sex marriage.  Grace Lee Whitney of Star Trek was one of the girls on the train.  I wondered why no one noticed that Joe was wearing stolen clothes and a stolen pair of eyeglasses.  There was quite a bit of death in this movie, considering that it was a comedy in the Fifties.  I knew how this movie would end because I have seen it many times, but I still laughed at the last line.  One odd thing about this disc was that the volume was low, and so I had to turn up the volume on my television to hear anything.  The picture quality was better than I ever remember it from DVD.  Marilyn famous had trouble with her lines in the movie, like “Where’s the bourbon?”  One other story I read about the filming was that Billy Wilder saw Wende Wagner out swimming and offered her a screen test.  Her parents made her finish high school.  She would see Wilder after graduating, but she didn’t want to be in “The Apartment.”  She would be in the Green Hornet television series, and also “Rosemary’s Baby.”  I listened to part of the game between the Yankees and the Astros.  Some of the people who died on October 17 include Frederic Chopin (1849), Christopher Glenn (2006), Joey Bishop (2007), Levi Stubbs (2008), and Vic Mizzy (2009).  Today is a birthday for Eminem (45), Mike Judge (55), Margot Kidder (69), and George Wendt (69).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for October 17, the Elvis Presley movie “Jailhouse Rock” had its premiere in 1957.  In 1958, “An Evening with Fred Astaire” was broadcast on NBC.  In 1963, Dion and the Belmonts broke up.  In 1966, “Hollywood Squares” made its debut on NBC.  In 1967, “Hair” had its premiere off Broadway.  Today is Gary Puckett’s 75th birthday.

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