Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton

I made my reservation for Thanksgiving dinner.  I didn’t see myself making my own food.  I was missing both the Raiders and the Dodgers on television as I gave my last lecture of the week.  I bought a burrito and went home to eat, and then I walked back out to the theatre to catch “Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton.”  I bought a cherry Icee and took my seat.  It looked for a while like I would be the only person to take in this late screening, but one other person came in after a few minutes.  Laird didn’t take to school, and I can imagine parents of other kids being upset with him and his mother.  He talked about being a minority as a white student in a school in Hawaii and getting harassed and beat up.  It only goes to show that kids will behave stupidly no matter where in the world they are.  He got into a bit of modeling and had a photo shoot with Brooke Shields.  I had never heard of the movie “North Shore” from 1987, but Laird played the role of Lance Burkhart.  Watching Laird out there hogging the waves and behaving aggressively, I don’t know how I would have dealt with him given the chance.  I feel that I can relate to a lot of people who were born in 1964, as he was.  Watching Laird made me remember Joey Buran, who crossed my path years ago.  Laird worked hard and tried new things, which I could appreciate.  The footage made surfing seem exciting, although I don’t think I’d want to try it because of my bad vision.  Also, I think I would drown.  One of the stories I found interesting was his paddling out a distance he thought was 37 kilometers but was actually 37 nautical miles.  According to my conversion calculator, 37 nautical miles is 42.5788 miles, while 37 kilometers is 22.9907 miles.  Either way, it seems like a long distance to go out on your board.  I wondered about those guys on the boats and jet skis who got Laird out to those waves.  Laird did show some impressive skill.  Laird Hamilton is married to volleyball player Gabrielle Reece.  The director of the movie was Rory Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy.  I enjoyed spending time watching this movie.  I wished that I could have made it to that special screening last Saturday.  I sat around trying to think of the surfing movie I saw sometime around 1978.  It was just past midnight when the movie ended, and the theatre crew was milling about the lobby waiting for people like me to leave the building.  I went home to watch a bit of James Corden, but I turned off the television before Michael Keaton came on.  I listened to some Arcade Fire and had some difficulty getting to sleep.  Some of the people who died on October 20 include Anne Sullivan (1936), Herbert Hoover (1964), Ronnie Van Zandt (1977), Anthony Quayle (1989), Joel McCrea (1990), Burt Lancaster (1994), and Jane Wyatt (2006).  Today is a birthday for Viggo Mortensen (59).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for October 20, three members of Lynyrd Skynyrd were killed in a plane crash in Mississippi in 1977.  In 1991, Clint Black and Lisa Hartman were married.  In 1992, Madonna’s “Erotica” album was released.  In 1994, Burt Lancaster died at age 80.

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