Golden State Warriors 120, Washington Wizards 117

I went to work with a sore hip.  I returned to watch a bit of Match Game, and then I looked through the record store and bought a Beatles CD called “From Mathew Street to Abbey Road.”  I took BART over to the Oracle Arena.  I got there early so that I would be sure to get an Alvin Attles bobblehead.  I went over to the team store and looked at the item of the day, which was a hoodie, but I didn’t like the thin material and the lack of pockets, so I passed on it.  I bought a popcorn bucket which was good for one refill, but there was far too much popcorn for me to eat.  Before the game started, two teams of young girls took the court and their the own game.  They were so small that some of them left their shots too short.  The visiting team was the Washington Wizards, which I guess was the appropriate opponent on Alvin Attles Night, since he was the coach in 1975, when the Warriors won the championship against the Washington Bullets.  Attles was in the hospital, and so he couldn’t make it to his own tribute.  The Warriors scored the first points of the game but had a flat start to the game, as they fell behind by ten points at 28-18.  They would end the first quarter seven points behind at 34-27.  During the break between quarters, a large frame of photos was presented to Attles’ wife and son.  Rick Barry was there to give an update on Attles’ condition, which was good.  The Wizard continued to look strong in the second quarter, while the Warriors were missing three-point shots.  With about three minutes left in the half, we were witness to a marriage proposal.  The woman should have been angry because it wasn’t a romantic setting.  The proposal seemed to make the Warriors play worse, and they ended the half behind by 14, at 67-53.  During the halftime break, we saw more video of Alvin Attles.  He played with Wilt Chamberlain in the game in March, 1962 in Hershey, Pennsylvania when Chamberlain scored 100 points.  The Wizards continued playing well into the third quarter, and they built up their lead to 18, but the Warriors began making their three-point shots, and the crowd became louder, and there was hope going into the fourth quarter with the Warriors behind by only 10 at 97-87.  The crowd was on their feet for almost all of the final quarter, as they anticipated a big comeback.  Omri Casspi made a big three-point shot, and Kevon Looney scored important points.  Kevin Durant was steady and played like a star.  The Warriors took the lead.  Klay Thompson was looking to make the killing blow with a three-point shot, but he missed it.  The Wizards got back to within one point.  Durant made two free throws, and the Wizards had one last possession.  They missed the three-point attempt, but the Warriors couldn’t get the rebound, leaving 1.1 seconds on the clock.  The Wizards weren’t able to get another shot off, and so it was a win for the Warriors with a 120-117 score.  It was a good end to what was a frustrating night for a while.  The crowd got angry at many of the referees’ calls, and they hated Draymond Green’s ejection.  We saw a contest of two fans trying to make three shots, a layup, a free throw, and a three-point shot, all for a 55-inch television set.  Another contest had a fan trying to make a left-handed hook shot, which the guy did successfully.  There was no parachute drop, and no Flying W’s.  Kevin Durant was the game’s leading scorer with 31 points.  I had a lot in my hands leaving the game, as I had a bobblehead, a popcorn bucket, a cheer card, and a scorecard.  I thought about the librarian who was so helpful to me.  Some of the people who died on October 28 include Ted Hughes (1998), Margaret Booth (2002), Porter Wagoner (2007), and James MacArthur (2010).  Today is a birthday for Joaquin Phoenix (43), Julia Roberts (50), Bill Gates (62), Annie Potts (65), and Caitlyn Jenner (68).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for October 28, Stevie Wonder’s “Talking Book” album was released in 1972.  In 1981, the television series “Love, Sydney” with Tony Randall made its debut on NBC.  In 1989, Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation 1814” was Number One on the album chart.

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