Golden State Warriors 143, Chicago Bulls 94

I found a long line outside the Oracle Arena when I arrived just before the doors opened.  The fans were impatient to get into the building.  I walked over to the team store and bought a T-shirt.  I forgot to visit the kiosk with the watches behind Section 124.  I went to take my seat.  Ruby Lopez was out on the floor.  I noted how she had gained weight over the last year or two.  We saw two teams of three people in wheelchairs playing basketball.  The crowd cheered the woman who was wearing a Draymond Green T-shirt.  No one was expecting the Bulls to win this game, and I didn’t see many of their fans in the arena.  The Warriors scored the first points of the game, and they were ahead in the score, 10-5, at the time of the first time out.  We saw the Dance Cam and the fan wearing the loud Warriors sweater who was the fan favorite.  The Warriors Dance Team performed during another break.  I wondered about the future of these cheerleading teams.  Klay Thompson threw a few bad passes in this game, and the team wasn’t as its best in the rest of the first quarter, as it ended with the Bulls ahead, 32-29.  The tide would turn in the second quarter, as the Warriors scored the first eight points in the quarter.  They widened the lead to 52-43, and we would see a T-shirt toss.  Stephen Curry was scoring a lot of points.  Kevin Durant and Draymond Green were out of this game, and so Stephen and Klay were out there leading the team.  The Warriors’ lead went up to 12 by the next time out, and the first half ended with the score at 74-53.  A fan attempted a Curry tunnel shot to win PS4 consoles for his row, and he hit the rim but missed.  We saw an acrobat from Russian who balanced himself on cylinders and boards.  It looked impossible, so I wondered if the cylinders might be sticky or soft.  The crowd liked him, though.  He had one of those female assistants who seemed to be from a different era.  The Warriors continued to pour in the points, as Stephen and Klay would play their last minutes with another game coming up within 24 hours and the team pushing the lead to 85-55.  The team would block 11 shots, and the players from the bench scored plenty of points.  The third quarter ended with the score at 110-66.  The GS Breakers went out onto the court to do some break dancing that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  I like the spinning on the head, although I wonder if it’s dangerous.  There was no real need to see and witness the fourth quarter, except to see whether the Warriors could win by fifty points, and also to get a coupon for a Jumbo Jack.  There was a Peet’s Coffee parachute drop.  None of them came anywhere near me, but I don’t drink coffee, anyway.  DJ D-Sharp did a bit during a break, and there was another T-shirt toss.  The Warriors never took that 50-point lead, as the game ended with the 143-84 score.  We streamed out of the arena, and outside someone was giving away a bag of snacks that looked like Doritos.  I didn’t want to eat any salty crap, so I passed and hurried back to the BART station and back home.  The drummer on the BART bridge was drumming along to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”  The saxophone man a few feet further was playing Christmas songs, like “Jingle Bells.”  Some young people at the platform were confused about the direction of the trains, almost going towards Fremont.  The frozen yogurt place near my apartment was still closed on the day after Thanksgiving.  My new Amazon tablet had arrived.  I was too sleepy to stay up and set it up.  I saw Lynda Day George on Match Game before I went to sleep.  I wasn’t looking forward to the rain that was supposed to arrive.  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for November 25, the Beatles released their White Album in the United States in 1968.  In 1982, the Jamaica World Music Festival, featuring the Grateful Dead, the Beach Boys, and Aretha Franklin, opened.  In 1998, Michael J. Fox revealed that he had Parkinson’s Disease.

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