The World is Not Enough

After my long day of classes, I was relieved to return home.  I stopped at the record store and bought a copy of Paul McCartney’s “Back to the Egg” album. I sat down to watch the James Bond film “The World is Not Enough.”  This was Desmond Llewelyn’s last appearance, and it turned out to be quite sad.  Samantha Bond had the perfect name, and I wished that she had stuck around for more films.  John Cleese couldn’t be a replacement because he seemed out of place.  Each time I’ve seen this movie, I think I like Sophie Marceau a bit less.  Denise Richards obviously was not believable as a nuclear physicist, but she got some things done and didn’t scream at ta dead body.  There are some good action sequences, and a reference to “Vertigo.”  Judi Dench was good in the movies she did, although she had a clumsy moment that involved trying to get a clock.  This Bond film had a plot that I didn’t care about.  Some of the people who died on September 28 include Herman Melville (1891), Louis Pasteur (1895), Edwin Hubble (1953), Harpo Marx (1964), Miles Davis (1991), Elia Kazan (2003), and Arthur Penn (2010).  Today is a birthday for Naomi Watts (50), Mira Sorvino (51), and Brigitte Bardot (84).  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for September 28, Bad Company’s first album, which featured “Can’t Get Enough” and “Movin’ On,” reached Number One on the Billboard album chart in 1974.  In 1976, A&M Records sued George Harrison for not meeting the deadline to complete his “33 & 1/3” album.  In 1995, Mary Tyler Moore returned to television with the premiere of “New York News” on CBS, although it would last for only eight episodes.

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