Love, Gilda

I went to the office and graded a couple of tests and wrote lecture notes for Tuesday’s classes before I headed back to the theatre to see “Love, Gilda.”  It was rather remarkable that there were old photographs and film footage of her.  She kept a diary.  The old video clips bring back the good days of Saturday Night Live.  She was reminiscent of Lucille Ball sometimes, and she did a hilarious parody of Patti Smith.  The movie doesn’t go into her marriage with G.E. Smith, except that the two were unlike each other.  The movie also doesn’t go too deeply into her cancer and her death.  She was not quite 43 years old.  The women in that first SNL cast was great, with Laraine Newman and Jane Curtin also in many funny bits.  Newman was interviewed for the movie, but Curtin wasn’t.  I’m not sure that I wanted to her from G.E. Smith.  Paul Shaffer seems to be present for everything.  I though this film was thin on content, although there is enough of her comedy in it to make it worth seeing.  One interesting note is that her first movie was “The Last Detail,” and I had seen “Hal” earlier in the day.  I left “Love, Gilda” feeling nostalgic about the 1970s.  SNL was one of my favorite television shows of the decade.  I went home and watched the Partridge Family episode “M is for the Many Things.”  The family shared a hamburger and a bottle of soda, so presumably Laurie had that much to eat in the episode.  I listened to the end of an A’s game against the Angels on the radio.  It was a loss.  I heard that there will be a viewing party on Wednesday at The Treehouse.  I may go there.  According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for September 29, Prince had the Number One single in the United States in 1984 with “Let’s Go Crazy.”  In 1985, the Steven Spielberg anthology television series “Amazing Stories” made its debut on NBC.  Today would have been Madeline Kahn’s 76th birthday.

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