Gender-Neutral Beatles Songs

Thinking about the Berkeley City Council vote on gender neutral language for municipal codes, I starting singing Beatles songs in gender neutral language: “Why they had to go I don’t know, they wouldn’t say…” I looked at the Beatles albums in order of release and thought of what the gender neutral song titles would be:

“I Saw Them Standing There”
“I Wanna Be Your Person”
“And I Love Them”
“Another Person”
“You’re Going to Lose That Person”
“Nowhere Person” or “Nowhere Individual”
“They Said They Said”
“They’re Leaving Home”
“Being for the Benefit of Mr. or Ms. Kite!”
“Your Parent Should Know”
“Baby, You’re a Rich Person”
“Parent Nature’s Child”
“I Want You (They’re So Heavy)”
“Sun Royal”
“Mean Mr. or Ms. Mustard”
“They Came In Through the Bathroom Window”
“Your Majesty”

“Thank You Person”
“They Love You”
“This Person”
“They’re a Person”

“Person Madonna.”

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