The Lion King

It took me a couple of hours to defrost my freezer. I went out to Trader Joe’s to buy a few items, and I went to the record store to buy CDs of Cream, Buffalo Springfield, and Sly and the Family Stone. I went out to the theatre that was showing “The Lion King.” There were fewer people out to see it than I expected. The movie was animation that looked fairly realistic, so that it seemed that we were looking at one of those Disney documentaries in which the animals behave like human beings. James Earl Jones and Elton John were back from the original in 1994 to work on this new film. The pace sure felt slow, so I have doubts about whether kids will like this movie. Also, the message of the film seems to be that children are idiots, so I wouldn’t think that young people will be excited about seeing all of this. The constant moving shots were difficult to look at after a while. Watching “Russian Ark” made me think of the limitations of the camera so close to the action. This film most of all feels unnecessary, existing only to add money to Disney’s fortunes. If there were differences in the plot from the original film, I couldn’t detect them. I think I missed Jeremy Irons. The audience reaction was lukewarm. I didn’t hear any applause. I can’t recommend this movie. It is stale, and watching it feels like a chore. One of the few actors I enjoyed hearing was Seth Rogen, although part of the lesson of this film is that slackers of the type who smoke too much weed waste your time and turn you into an unmotivated slug. Looking up the running times of the two films, the original was 88 minutes, and this new film is 118 minutes. That extra 30 minutes consists of too much filler. Jon Favreau as an actor was in the latest Spider-Man movie, and as a director did “Elf,” the first two Iron Man movies, and “The Jungle Book.” He was born in 1966. It’s discouraging that Disney didn’t spend the money to make this film on developing new and fresh ideas. Some of the people who died on July 19 include Joe Flynn (1974), Lefty Frizell (1975), Jack Warden (2006), Frank McCourt (2009), James Garner (2014), and Garry Marshall (2016). Today is a birthday for Benedict Cumberbatch (43) and Brian May (73). According to the Brandon Brooks Rewind radio segment for July 19, Sun Records released Elvis Presley’s first single, That’s All Right,” in 1954. In 1974, Joe Flynn drowned at age 49 in his swimming pool in Beverly Hills.

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